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Powder Room :: The Return Of Baby Blue

I have long since waxed poetic on the use of blues in the home. But sometimes it takes a fashion trend to emerge for home brands to catch up on what we already know. If blue is chic, then powder blue takes it to a whole other unexpected level...

blue room with tufted velvet blue sofa and oversized sconces

And while there are many ways to 'do' this color in a home, I have to say I really love it most when it's paired unexpectedly in a more glamorous situation, amongst black and white and gold. That rusty red is also a fabulous accent color with it.

graphic black room with baby blue chair

This blue chair has been a favorite of mine since blogging about it back in 2012. (YES, 2012.) Well, guess what? I found it right here. Think I can convince my guy that we need it?

bedroom with tufted blue settee and green accents

Apparently, I really have a thing for this blue when it's tufted. Paired with fresh green and white certainly isn't a bad place for it to be - I've always loved the preppy nature of this bedroom.

rikkisnyder blue kitchen cabinets

And neither is the back of a kitchen cabinet, as a totally unexpected pop color. Just be warned that when you go to use this hue on the walls you better  be doing a room that looks nothing like a nursery. Or it will look like a nursery. Better to err on the side of a french blue than baby blue.

Ready to give it a try? Take one of these well-designed pieces for a spin.


1. powder blue 'harper' chandelier // 2. blue acrylic floating wall shelf // 3. sky blue lounge chair // 4. french tumbler in blue // 5. baby blue panton-style chair // 6. blue linen tufted sofa // 7. blue tolix desk / 8. dipped blue milk stool

images :: yatzer // the design files // melanie turner via veranda // shot by rikki snyder