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With Love, From Marrakech…

I returned from my travels late last night, along with a horrible cold that I caught the last day I was there (which made for a lovely three flights home), but before I settle in to spend the day in bed, I wanted to share just a few images from our adventure...

hallway + light at peacock pavilions // coco+kelley

I think that half the photos I took were simply of the beautiful place we stayed - Peacock Pavilions. I have a hard time calling it a hotel, as it absolutely feels like a well-decorated home, thanks the talents of owner Maryam Montague who was an incredibly gracious hostess full of knowledge of the items she hand-picked for each space...

african wall decor at peacock pavilions in marrakech // coco kelley

curtain detail at peacock pavilions in marrakech // coco+kelley

mixed prints and patterns in marrakech

As we explored the city of Marrakech, I quickly became infatuated with a few things - the array of color, doorways and architectural details, and - of course - the textiles...

spices in the medina in marrakech // coco+kelley

brown chairs in the medina in marrakech // coco+kelley

gorgeous moroccan beads // coco+kelley

I'll have so much more to share with you once I get my photos more organized, and my head cleared from this cold! If you haven't already, take a peek at my instagram to see some more of my favorites from this magical trip.

And, if you're interested in learning more about the workshop I was there for, check out stylist Annette Joseph's next workshop in Italy, which I should be heading to in June! If you decide to sign up (or have questions for me before you do!) let her know I sent you, so I can send you a little extra gift before our next adventure.