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In The Details :: 10 Ways To Add Unexpected Color

It's funny how many people will claim they love color, and want to use more of it in their home, but then when faced with the reality of bold blue walls or citron sofas, they back away because - let's be honest - color like that is quite the commitment.

So for you wanna-be embracers of bold, here are 10 ways you can easily infuse a little color into your home without overdosing...


1. Fabric Trims // If you've got straight edges on your furniture, this solution is for you. Without even having to fully commit to true trims, you can add a thick band of color to your cushions. Ready to fully commit? Buy some basic pillows or lampshades and add fun pom pom or ribbon trims on those too. I love the way it looks paired with a warm camel or nude.


2. Floating Plexi // I wouldn't have thought about this option at all had I not stumbled upon a few awesome plexi DIY's online. This box is a super cool way to display a fabulous object. I also saw colorful plexi floating shelves as well - unexpected and a great way to introduce a new material into the mix.


3. The Mini Wall // I've seen a couple examples of this painted mini wall, and I have to admit - I have been searching all over the new house for the perfect spot to incorporate this. I'm thinking I might do it at the bottom of our stairwell that leads to the upstairs. So much easier to paint over than an entire room too!


4. Railway to Heaven // Speaking of stairwells - this is a really great way to spice up an otherwise simple space in the house. The black stairs help too, but I would love to see a bold blue or coral with natural wood steps. PS - another place where this pop would be similar in style would be a garment rack - paint those poles, people!


5. The Bold Door // One of my favorite unexpected moment in any home - a colored door. In this case the neon green works well against all the neutrals. I say pick your door wisely though - and don't get too carried away. Not every door in the hall needs it - maybe just one fun main area?


6. The Window of Color // THIS is happening. I'm doing it in a client's house and I want to do it in my little closet room at home too. Pick a space that's well lit and playful and just go for it! Maybe just pick a smaller accent window to start...


7. Get Edgy // Find an edge and paint it. I love this mirror idea, because I happen to have a similar one, but I also think that painting just the top of the baseboards here is genius. The inside of any door will do as well. Take a peek around your house and find the edge of something boring - then spice it right up.


8. Furniture Trim // Putting bold color in places that you're less likely to constantly see it is a trick many interior designers employ - hence the number of super wallpapered, crazy powder rooms. (It's not like you're spending hours in there.) This idea kind of incorporates the same concept - trim items like tables or chair legs in mini pops that your eye will overlook half the time. It feels less intrusive that way.


9. Take the Stairs // It used to be that painted floors were a cheap refinishing solution, but I have to say I'm envious of anyone who can lacquer up their wood! Especially jealous if you have stairs like these to add a little jolt to. My parents have a sunken living room in their home and now I'm determined to make this happen. Another cool place for this trick? Stairs leading up to the house outside!


10 Washi it Up // And finally, for you true commitment-phobes out there... there's always washi! You can stick this stuff everywhere, so you have zero excuse not to try it! Make some faux molding on a door, frame a piece of art, or trim your kitchen counter for a week. Just have fun!

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