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Accent Wall Inspiration :: Gimme Color

With the never-ending sea of white walls in interiors these days, whenever I find space with color - especially color done well - I feel particularly inspired. And it just so happens that Lucy Feagans at The Design Files does this amazingly well every time she host her annual Open House....

aqua walls + art // via the design files

The 2013 house featured super bold walls in shades of blue and coral. The house is created to show off current designers and artists - sort of like our show houses here in the states - but she completely curates these herself.

bold blue accent wall in the living room // via the design files

Normally the term 'accent wall' makes me cringe, but with the right architecture and the right setting, it really seems to work. I like that wherever there is color in this home, it's on paneled wood. It breaks up the saturation a bit. And of course, these bold walls just happened to be covered in perfectly coordinated art too...

coral wall with blue and green in the office // via the design files

I'm insanely jealous of the design coming out of Australia these days - my next travel goal is to hop a plane for a month's visit. Perhaps I should time it around this Open House...

baby blue walls + gallery wall // via the design files

The 2014 Open House colors were a bit more subdued with shades leaning towards pastels, and a palette that seemed to flow between rooms a bit more...

bold green art wall in the living room // via the design files

Here you can see that light blue leading into a room with an awesome green accent wall. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into putting this all together, but it's quite inspiring! I'd love to hold something similar (on a much smaller scale of course) in our own studio space at some point - or find a warehouse that would let us take over for a month. Hmmm....

fun bench seat and lilac art wall // via the design files

grey walls + light wood in the bedroom // via the design files

This grey-blue is actually a very similar shade to what I'm considering for painting the new dining room and I really love it with the lighter wood accents. That combination of light wood + dark walls has been calling my name lately!

All photos via The Design Files - please see her posts on the Open Houses for sources, artists, and more!