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Chic Shower Inspiration :: Fly Me To The Moon

I've had major baby brain lately, but not for the reasons you'd think! While I'm nowhere near ready to be pregnant at the moment, there has been a little baby boom amongst some of my oldest friends and closest bloggers - but one of them happens to be both.

Erin Hiemstra (of Apartment34) and I have been inseparable since 7th grade - we've been each other's confidants, and champions for so many years now it's hard to remember life without her! So when she told me she was having a little babe... well you can imagine how excited I was!

chic menangerie nursery inspiration

neutral + cozy kid's room with gingham and wovens // via coco kelley

I immediately started planning her baby shower in my head - we came up with some inspiration and ideas that were based off of her aesthetic and pins from her pinterest board for the nursery. Lots of neutrals led the way, and then a theme emerged...

sissy + marley star wallpaper nursery // via coco kelley


fly to the moon mural // nursery inspiration via coco kelley

And moons.

neutral kids room with cloud bedding

And clouds.

I mean, how could you have a baby shower in Seattle without clouds? You can't. And thus our inspiration board was born. (No pun intended.)

chic baby shower inspiration with a star + moon theme // coco kelley

And this weekend ... it all comes together! I'm sure there will be plenty of instagrams and reveals of our decor, so stay tuned!

images ::   ashley capp // jelonko // sissy + marley // saartje prum // our love nest