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Perfect Palettes :: Retro Revival

Whenever I'm in an inspiration funk for something to write about on the blog - usually first thing on a Monday morning - I dive into my color files to find something that's speaking to me. Today? It was this...

retro inspired palette // coco kelley

I've really been into these retro-inspired color palettes lately. That vintage brown. A little mustard yellow. But add a dash of coral, pink, or burgundy, and they feel different and fun and fresh.

coral and pink entryway // coco kelley

retro palette love // coco kelley

karen walker ss 15 - cool palette // via coco kelley

Oh, and don't forget the baby blue. That's a must. And metallic loafers (I mean, I couldn't not mention those, right?)

images :: a beautiful mess // vt wonen // karen walker ss14 // esther stewart via the design files