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In The Details :: Unique Ways To Hang Art

This fall I've vowed to tackle the biggest part of my loft to go untouched since moving in ... the art wall. While I've pinned many a gallery wall in my day, I managed to uncover a few more clever ways of hanging art that hadn't really occurred to me before, which may influence the future wall...

in the details unique ways to hang art raji radhakrishnan

Besides just loving the hit of color the art brings to this room, the unconventional layout of it is a fun twist to a more traditional space as well. It's also a great example of how selecting art to go together (based on color, shape, etc) can make a huge difference. I also love how the designer didn't let the trim get in her way, but rather layered the pieces over it instead.

in the details art ideas coco kelley

I realize this option is rather specific, but if you're into more modern, graphic art, this is a really cool idea. Extending the graphic with paint onto the wall itself! So cool. I can think of a lot of ways this could work with so many of the pieces I love right now that incorporate that more geometric style.

in the details art display ideas full wall

I feel like this would only work in a hallway or a very open space, but hanging images a bit more randomly - all the way down to the floor - is pretty fun. Especially in a personal area like this with family photos!

in the details layered art over mirrors elle decor coco kelley

Again, here we're looking at a more traditional space with a hit of something unexpected in the layering of this antique painting over a wall of modern mirrors. Notice that the mirrors are all different sizes too? I love that!

in the details art placement - home of alex kennedy via coco kelley

And finally - something very easy, but unexpected, bringing the art higher up on the wall than you would normally hang is pretty fun. It's kind of making art out of the art itself - doing something unique to not only showcase the piece, but to make a statement while doing it!

Have you seen any other unique ways to hang or place art? I'm totally open to suggestions!

images ::  raji rm & associates // one must dash // instyle // darryl carter elle decor // the design files