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Room Of The Week 9.22

I managed to get a bit behind on posts recently so I thought we'd kick off our Monday with a seriously inspiring space I had reserved for last week's Room of the Week! A little wild, quite masculine and delightfully luxe, I have to say this living room belonging to Ken Fulk had me at... giraffe.

ken fulk living room masculine luxe giraffe head

The bit of safari influence here is unmistakable, but far from what you'd usually expect. There is no campaign style furniture to be found - just rich leathers and woods. I love the way the rugs have been layered in the room too - it gives it a much less formal feel, don't you think?

ken fulk masculine living room

I'm sure the amount of fur and taxidermy in the space is not going to go unscrutinized and - yes - it's a bit much. But I happen to like a bit of it here and there - like in this owl perching on the piano...

ken fulk living room detail ken-fulk-living-room-view

Oh, and hello gorgeous view.

ken fulk living room masculine luxe2

What I really love though is the mix of statement pieces. You're not gonna find these items anywhere but the best vintage and antique shops. And while I'm not usually a huge fan of leather, that worn sofa is totally calling my name.

ken fulk terrace

Then again, so is the patio that leads perfectly into the cozy room. You must check out the full house tour on the Architectural Digest site.  The huge Sarreid brass chest in the bedroom will have you swooning!