Duly Noted // 8.8

Usually August is quiet for blogs, but this week there seemed to be so many good stories out there I had to add a few more spots to our usual weekend links roundup! I myself have been picking up the pace around here with some really fun projects that we're getting to reveal this fall...

In the meantime:



1 // This dark indigo pillow with stripes of bright pink and orange is right where my decorating mind is at right now.

2 // It's been too long since I've taken some fashion risks that feel a little silly, but 100% me. Cue inspiration from Natasha Goldenberg. Check out this roundup of some of her best outfits (including rocking a baby bump in serious style) for some fun ideas.

3 // Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with art right now, but being an art curator for a place as cool as the Wythe Hotel seems pretty much like the best job ever. Read all about it here.

4 // I'm constantly on the lookout for chic ways to store my piles (and piles and piles) of magazines. This one is winning.

5 // Hootie's Home! (That's what I wanted to write as the caption for this house tour belonging to Darius Rucker,  AKA Hootie and the Blowfish.) But seriously. This place is gorgeous. I'd move right in.

6 // I love when textiles are made into something unique and lovely... like, um, moths? Oh the irony...

7  // When was the last time (ever?) you invested in some pretty underpinnings? Me? It's been eons. I don't even know how long that is, but it sounds right. I think it's time to splurge on some lacy little things...

8 // Not gonna lie. This is my most favorite party and tabletop idea I've seen in quite a while. Serious celestial love!