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High Shine In The Kitchen!

I like shiny things. I love hanging out in my kitchen. So, I should probably really really love this mini metallic trend of super glamorous cabinets in materials like brass and mirror...

mirrored kitchen cabinets greg natale

brass kitchen island

But the practical side of me just sees little babes running around putting their fingerprints all over these beauties and me constantly right behind them with the rag muttering about what a poor decision this was...

high shine gold kitchen floating cabinet cupboards

mirrored kitchen cabinets herringbone floors graphic wallpaper

This could be a very good case for never having children... (Just kidding. Kind of.) What do you think? Do you even like the look of this for a kitchen? I'm a pretty big fan of the gold upper cabinets contrasted with wood and marble...

images :: via emma's design blogg // greg natale // fiona lynch // via skona hem // unknown