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A Study In Small Living :: Sasa Antic

The first thing that caught my eye about this beautiful apartment was the perfect blue cabinetry in the kitchen...

blue apartment kitchen // sasa antic

I absolutely love the effect against the marble, with a touch of high gloss black. It wasn't until I started peeking through the whole home that I realized it was a perfect study in small living space...

small space living // entryway to kitchen

The home has a small entryway that open right into a split kitchen and living situation, divided by a thin floating wall where the dining table acts as a bridge between the two spaces...

floating wall divider // small space living


Note the use of stools instead of dining chairs - it reduces visual clutter and is much more manageable in a small space.

kitchen details // sasa antic

On one side of the floating wall, some minimal shelves for storage and on the other...

small studio apartment layout // layered textiles and art

A simple little living space with layers of art, textiles, and books that prove you don't have to be minimal in small areas - just thoughtful. It should come as no surprise that this home belongs to a stylist, with all the details involved...

small apartment living // sasa antic

Like the green ceiling that goes throughout the home. I love.

piles of books // small space living

Or that all the pieces in the living area really low making the room seem higher - and thus larger. It's a good little trick! And so is this...

mirrors open up a small studio apartment // sasa antic

A great use of mirror makes a huge difference in the kitchen (on the left) where it seems to double its size, and across from the bed in the living area (on the right). They instantly expand both spaces, and reflect light back into the room. (And yes, the installed mirror approach should be used sparingly so as not to come off too early 90's. Yikes.) 

bench as a bookshelf // sasa antic's studio apartment

A couple more exquisite little details. The use of a glass (or maybe it's plexi?) 'board' above as a way to casually hang objects and create a reflective layer at the same time.

pattern mix through art + textiles // sasa antic

The 'stitch two rugs together' trick that stylists are reduced to at one point or another. It can be cool... or it can be awful. I think this time it works. And it's a great way to cover more space on a small budget.

I'd be curious to know the exact square footage of the apartment... and where all the hidden storage is? I spy a closet in the entryway, but I am a bit surprised not to see more drawers or wardrobes anywhere. What do you think - could you manage living here?

images :: photography by Jonas Ingerstedt for Elle Interiör // styling by the owner,  Saša Antic