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His + Hers :: The Home Office

There comes a time in every relationship where the inevitable happens... at least for me. The point at which I've been spending entirely too much time at my boyfriend's place not to want to redecorate every little nook and cranny.

Well, I've finally hit that moment, and lucky for me (and maybe for him?) we have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to revamping rooms. A little project presented itself to us recently, so we've decided to tackle the upstairs 'guest room' which is about to be turned into an industrial-inspired office...

Abigail Ahern 2

There's just one little 'problem'. This is my idea of industrial chic... and I'm pretty sure it's not what he has in mind!

So I've been scouring the web this morning for some more inspiration that might work for both of us ...

industrial office inspiration

Necessary item #1: warm wood. For sure.


I'm mildy obsessed with the idea of some kind of textured grasscloth in the space, but I have a feeling we'll just be giving it an extra dose of dark paint instead. I'm picturing a color, rather than gray, accented by black bookshelves, and plenty of industrial details.


Necessary item #2: a cozy rug to offset the rough, cold textures brought in by the industrial furniture.


industrial office with art wall


And I'm picturing plenty of artwork as well, lining one of the main walls. It's quite a small space, so it won't be hard to fill it up! And, of course, I'd love for it to have a library feel as well - offering up a reading nook or soft seating of some sort. So this is what I've got in mind...


1. chandelier // 2. green paint  //  3. chaise // 4. fern prints // 5. brass pencil holder // 6. desk // 7. marble lamp // 8. rug // 9. wood + leather desk chair

I've been obsessed with that coral chaise for yeaaaaars now. I think it would be so perfect by the window in the office area, tucked in front of a black bookshelf piled with books and knick knacks. I think the addition of the fern prints is a nice way to lend some organic inspiration to all the hard surfaces that will be in the space, and a lighter, neutral rug will lend a bit of pattern. And then there are brass accessories. Because - duh.  Brass. Now, I just have to talk him into it all...

images :: abigail ahern // collage :: francisco costa, house  & home , ryan corbin , apartment therapy //  abduzeedo // jute interior design on houzz // unknown