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Out Of The Rubble :: Earthquake 5.9 Series From Budri

Last week I stumbled across this tile collage on Pinterest and was intrigued enough to try and learn more about it. What I discovered is a beautiful collection that somehow escaped my attention when it first came out in 2013...

Budri Milano Earthquake Series Tile art_1


In May 2012 an earthquake struck the storage rooms of the Italian marble company, Budri, causing many of the stone and marble slabs to break. Out of the rubble, however, came inventive beauty in the form of tables, bookshelves, vases and wall installations...


Budri tile process


The collection is called Earthquake 5.9. Designer Patricia Urquiola is the visionary behind the pieces themselves, and I, for one, am so enamoured with them.




It's one of those stories that captures so many metaphors it's hard to know where to start, but one thing is for sure: the beauty that came out of this natural disaster is undeniable.

images :: archiportale // budri // helleflou