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In The Details :: The Bigger Picture

Sometimes I think people mistake the idea of 'details' in the home as something small - little things that you add here and there to make the space feel special. This is totally true... but don't sell yourself short when thinking about the bigger picture too. Whether you're moving into a new home, remodeling your current one, or (like me) keeping a running list of ideas for those bigger construction projects  - a few ideas to keep in mind!

architectural stairs with old wood planks and white trim // coco+kelley

Often times, stairs in older homes can be a SUCH an eyesore. The architecture in this space totally lent itself to these stairs being a cool focal point, but I think any stairway could benefit from this treatment. Using old plans on the wall (instead of ceiling or floor) is genius, and the white trim makes it pop, brings the eye through the space, and highlights the angles as well.

towel storage in the bathroom // in the details coco+kelley

Your bathroom might not have enough space to add in an entire linen closet, but what about one spot just for towels? Think about how much room they take up in a normal closet, and how perfect (and convenient) this little setup is. I wish I could take a little room off my own shower for this type of shelving!

unfinished hex tile backsplash in the kitchen // via coco+kelley

I'm such a classic designer when it comes to kitchens, that I'm not sure I'd do this in my own, but I do love the idea of this unfinished tile edge. It's a very specific aesthetic in that you'd probably only want to do it with walls that lead into open shelving, but it's pretty cool. If it had been me, I'd probably even make it look a bit more organic and place some tiles leading up into to the shelves so it looks like maybe there had been more wall there at one point.

huge picture window seat // in the details coco+kelley


This setup is definitely going into my dream home file. My parents have these big windows in their house that are all separate - I'd love to knock them out and create a bit picture window... with a seat in it of course. I've seen quite a few homes that have these 'dead' spots - large, wide hallways that seem like a waste of space in smaller homes - and I'd love to see more of them made into something like this.

images :: de[luxe] design studio // original source unknown  // jackie brown for real living australia // paul massey