Duly Noted // 5.9

For some reason this week make me realize how quickly summer is approaching. I know spring is barely here, but I've suddenly gotten a packed schedule for June and am dreaming of getaways in July. I think a big part of it is that change is in the air around here.

I've been scheming on some bigger projects behind the scenes, and working on a lot of new directions for myself personally and professionally... all things I'll be sharing with you in the coming months, I'm sure. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to a quieter weekend. Enjoy the beautiful things...


1 // What's better than flowers for Mother's Day? Edible flowers floating in a gin and Lillet cocktail of course.

2 // The level of detail in these custom wedding invitations has me rethinking any type of conventional invite for anything. Ever.

3 // This walk-in closet makeover has me insanely jealous, but also offers up some great, budget-friendly ideas. Now if I only had a small second bedroom to convert...

4 // Backpacks are really not my jam. But this one really is.

5 // Doorway greetings are my favorite. This one's a cutie. It also comes in Hola/Adios!

6 // It's rare these days that I stumble across a blog series that feels truly original, but I'm loving this one from The House that Lars Built where she recreates scenes from old paintings. Seriously, check it  out.