Duly Noted // 5.16

Some weeks you just feel a wee bit more grateful for the people you have in your life, for the fabulous job you have, and little luxuries like brunch with friends and sunny days. This was definitely one of those weeks for me - spent shooting some great editorials, time with girlfriends and feeling generally blessed for where I am in life at the moment... despite some new changes and challenges coming my way.

So, my links this week are right in line with my current happy place - inspired and punchy! Enjoy!



1 // Out of the collaboration between The Blonde Salad and Steve Madden, the more I see these hot little tangerine heels on friends, the more I want them. They perk up every outfit!

2 // The last time I was in San Francisco, my bestie, Erin from Apartment34 was getting ready to shoot her home for Apartment Therapy. Well, the tour is finally up, and you can see every corner of her neutral, airy loft right here. .

3 // I'm so wishing that this rug fit the color palette in my loft because I'd be snatching it up right now.

4 // Discovered the work of Jaclyn Conley over on Miss Moss and am in love with her abstract depictions of hair and heads. Which sounds like such a random subject, but is really strangely organic. So cool.

5 // The doors in this living room are just the beginning of this crazy colorful house tour on Lonny. Talk about punch!

6 // I've been working on a LOT of cocktail recipes lately, and I have to say mixing them up in my copper shaker makes things even more fun. Have you started stocking your bar for summer drinks yet?