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Stealing From Babies :: Swaddles As Art

Those of you who frequent mommy blogs may already know what these gorgeous pieces are. But, for this single girl, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be anyone's baby mama to covet these Coveted Things swaddles...

coveted things swaddle //  i love you more than all the stars

coveted things swaddle scarf text // youre all i think about

When I first discovered them, all I wanted to do was frame one up and put it on a wall! It wasn't until I took a closer look at the site that I realized what they really were - which is cool if you happen to have a little bun in the oven, or a baby shower on your calendar this spring, because I think these would make for an amazing gift. I actually love the idea of using them for their original purpose - wrapping up your bambinos - and later framing them to remind yourself of those sweet moments that go too fast. You'd never do that with those little elephant print swaddles, would ya?

coveted things swaddle scarf text // shit just got real

The messages are so perfect too. Of course, if you're not a mama (like me) then maybe just stick with using them as art... or a little throw... Go ahead. Steal from some babies. see the entire line at coveted things