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Spring Tabletop :: A Moroccan Style Brunch

If there's one thing ya'll should know about me by now when it comes to my tabletops, it's that we rarely do anything too conventional around here. Last year, we whipped up a fantastic Mexican menu for Valentine's Day. This year? I was inspired by one of my favorite Moroccan dishes and some beautiful linens to create a simple, layered table for Easter... with an eastern twist.


coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_1

Whenever I do a 'themed' table, I like to make it subtle. When people think of Moroccan decor, they tend to overdo it with lanterns, layers of beautiful bright textiles, or Moroccan poufs and blankets. All of which is beautiful, but not at all what I was going for here...

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_6

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_12

I still wanted everything to feel fresh and light, so the nod to Eastern culture is in the details - Moroccan tea glasses, flatware that belonged to my grandmother, dishes that look handmade, and a variety of palms, succulents and marigolds...

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_2

The initial inspiration came from these beautiful linens hand-embroidered by artisans in Mexico, given to me by my friend Heather Taylor...

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_5

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_11

I've been obsessed with wanting to do a chambray blue tabletop, and her new blue colorway was just perfect. Then, I added my favorite color of the moment - this bright cheerful yellow - for a freshness that evokes Spring...

I potted little marigolds into minature bowls, and created place settings using broken eggs and little succulents!

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_3

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_9

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_7

And when the table was set, we got on to the best part - a traditional Moroccan dish called Shakshuka, which is insanely fun to say, and even more delicious to dine on! We'll post the recipe here soon.

coco kelley moroccan brunch for easter_4

I love the contrast of this rich dish with the pale blue table setting, don't you? After all, dining with friends is all about the food!

credits :: photography by meghan klein // concept and styling by cassandra lavalle

sources :: napkins and tablecloths by heather taylor home // yellow bowl contact anthropologie stores // terra cotta salad plate // blue + brown dinner dish // napkin ring as egg stand // mini bowls for marigolds // egg crate holder // white modern candlesticks // antique flatware and moroccan tea glasses from the coco+kelley prop closet