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Party Diy :: Leave A Message!

I’ve been so excited to start having friends over to my new loft for a fabulous little housewarming party, and there is much to do before that happens, but I’ve be putting together some fun ideas for the event, and came up with one little detail that’s a quick and easy DIY using Post-it Notes to make the evening a bit more fun and memorable!

I remember in college having a huge chalkboard in our living room that we’d fill up with quotes and notes every time we held a party. Well, consider this a cross between your formal guest book and your college quote board: the Housewarming Notes Wall!

coco+kelley for post it housewarming party notes wall_1

I love that I have a cozy entryway into my big open loft that allows me to give my guests a proper welcome into the space. I decided that our the wall that transitions from the hall into the larger loft area would be the perfect spot for our message wall – easy to get to while the part is still in full swing, but a spot that guests would be sure to walk by as they enter as well.

coco+kelley for post it housewarming party notes wall_2

To start, I put up a piece of painter’s tape as a guide and made sure it was level so I would start lining up the  Post-it Notes  with a straight line.

coco+kelley for post it housewarming party notes wall3

I used the Mykonos color collection from the Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection, as it's a pretty blend of blues and white that allows for an ombre effect on the wall...

coco+kelley for post it housewarming party notes wall_4

And then I added in a punch of orange at the bottom for something festive and eye catching!

coco+kelley for post it housewarming party notes wall_5

For the actual party, I'd suggest leaving out pens and extra Post-it Notes so that people can grab and write whatever and wherever they'd like, swapping out blank tiles for written ones and vice versa! I think it's always so fun to wait until the end of the night to see what kind of fun and crazy comments come out of a long evening of celebrating!

Depending on the look and mood you are going for, you can try this project using any of the Post-it Note color palettes from the Colors of the World collection. I love the global inspiration behind captured in each palette: Bangkok, Mykonos, New York City and Rio de Janeiro, each capture the city's essence in a fun pack of colors.

this post sponsored by post-it. all styling and ideas my own!