Label Lust :: For Love + Lemons

It may be my constant craving these days for sunny climates, but my infatuation with the line For Love & Lemons suddenly has no bounds. I pretty much want every piece (totally disregarding the fact that I probably can't wear half of them) in the collection...

for love and lemons_1 for love and lemons_2

Their citron lace pieces are sold out practically everywhere - this color is so hot right now. But you can find some of them here.

for love and lemons_3

for love and lemons_7

I'm obsessed with having an off-the-shoulder piece for this summer. Sadly, I can't find the red, but their lacy white version will do just fine.

for love and lemons_5

If you are going on vacation this summer, or live anywhere where throwing a dress over a swimsuit and hitting the town is appropriate, please please please buy this dress for me. I'm in love. (Oh, it comes in black too).

for love and lemons_6for love and lemons_8

With dresses like these, a killer tan, and a plane ticket, I could be a very happy girl.

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