Duly Noted :: 4.4

Oh, weekend, how nice it is to see you again. Don't tell but I'm secretly kinda hoping for the rain to continue around here so I have an excuse to be a bit lazy and cozy.

In the beginning of this year I vowed to get more creative with my weekends and take advantage of time offline to do more art and projects - so today I found a few to add to the list, starting with potting a little cactus planter...


1 // I can't even explain how in love I am with these super fun cocktail napkins with little messages like "buzzed" and "pace yourself". I'd happily scatter them all over my house for parties.

2 // As I mentioned, I'm on a DIY kick, and I love this idea for sprucing up old (or new) wooden utensils. We've been toying with the idea of doing some fun kind of installation at Radici, and I think these may have just gotten me inspired!

3 // I've been trying to find just the right storage piece for my loft, and have come to the conclusion that nothing will be quite perfect... unless it's custom built like this beauty. A girl can dream right? (Ikea, here I come...) 

4 // Watercolor textiles seem to be all the rage at the moment, but I'm really loving this colorway from Aquarelle-Maison at the moment.

5 // With so many friends going gluten-free these days, I've been having to add more recipes to my repertoire to (happily) accommodate them when entertaining. This Chocolate Olive Oil Bundt Cake ought to be at the top of the list, don't you think?

6 // In an effort to add more plantlife to the house, I believe this type of easy-to-care-for potting is going to be in order. Now I just have to find the perfect container to put them in...