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Room Of The Week :: 3.13

Good morning from San Francisco! Today I'm working from a gorgeous sun-filled loft that has me never wanting to leave the California sunshine. So, it seemed only appropriate to showcase a similar home today...

Kelly Behun living room library

This beautiful Long Island home could really be anywhere with its eclectic, but simple, mix of materials and art that take on a worldly feel. The soaring ceilings and abundance of windows create such a relaxing atmosphere - can you imagine working from that desk on the weekends? It's hard to believe that any actual work would get done here, though, when the home feels like a tropical getaway...

Kelly Behun kitchen

As evidenced by last week's Room of the Week, apparently I'm into a bit of a more sparse selection of furniture these days, and partial to pieces that take on a sculptural feel in some way. I know that this doesn't alway work from a practical level, but I do think every home has room for at least one interesting piece in it - something I'm going to try for with my loft, most likely in the form of an iconic chair for the living room.

But you gotta admit those hand bar stools are pretty amazing.

Kelly Behun outdoor

And when you tire of the view inside, you can always go hang out here. Love those low profile, comfy chairs for easy lounging at the table all day (or night) long.

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