Duly Noted :: 3.14

It's so hard to concentrate on blogging when there is sunshine waiting for you outside your window! I woke up in LA today and off to a day of meetings, and a weekend of fun and warm weather with friends that I fully intend to soak up. Some links to send you off to your own few days of sunshine (even if it's only in your mind...)



1 // Did you see that has added accessories to add to their happy, colorful line? I'm loving the tech stuff, and this bag that expresses all our joy. Hooray!

2 // We're down to the last few days of signing up for our first coco+kelley styling workshop in Seattle! Read all about it here, and sign up here. The workshop is next weekend in our studio!

3 // Earlier this week we posted a yummy soup for you to try, and now I'm on a soup kick. Thinking of testing this one out - featuring sunchokes and mussels - as soon as I have a weekend at home!

4 // This pouf may have just found itself on the latest list of items to add to my loft decor.

5 // In the process of moving I threw out a ton of old sandals that had been in my closet forever. On the hunt for some new additions, I came across this perfect blend of a simple black sandal with a touch of woven detail. Love.

6 // So many bloggers are traveling to gorgeous destinations right now, I have major wanderlust! Check out Samantha's adventures in Marrakech, Bri's travel guide to Thailand, and Bianca's Bali getaway.

It may not be summer yet, but we sure are trying to make it feel that way! Happy weekend!