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Totally Floored :: Marrakech Design Tiles

So, I've had a major obsession with tile lately. It started with my office mate's visit to Portugal when she came back with these little polaroids of all the amazing tile she encountered there and then blew them up into art that will adorn my walls as soon as I get get them framed.

(Ok, actually I've always been obsessed, but this was a total renewed obsession.)


So, I did what any normal design blogger would do. I spiraled down a tumblr/pinterest/web induced rabbit hole in search of the most beautiful tile in the world. And I discovered rooms that housed that tile perfectly - both timeworn and modern.

modern bathroom graphic tile

And then... I found a company who does the same.

Marrakech Design tile co _1

The Marrakech Design collection does it all.

Marrakech Design tile co _2

From these fabulously modern favorites...  


To classics styles in the most insanely beautiful colorways...

    Marrakech Design tile co _3 

You guys, I literally just spent three hours on their site.  Dreaming of all the places I would put this tile if I could get my hands on it. Like our new office kitchen. Like my future master bath. And laundry room. And entryway. And maybe my ceiling just so I could stare at it at night before I fall asleep.

Because they are all just that good. 

See the entire collection on their site, here. And good luck not getting lost in that fantasy land for a few hours of your own.

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