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The Comforting Side Of Green…

It's funny how we describe colors as warm or cold... and yet sometimes, they don't necessarily encompass those same emotions. For example, red is definitely a warm color, but for me it's hardly comforting. Blue is cold, but not in the way that gives you chills, but rather calms. So in the winter, there's one color that I really crave the most - and it shouldn't be a surprise...


atlanta homes mag // cozy green chairs

Being a Pacific Northwest girl, I crave the colors of our lush green mountains all year long. Yes, we have our evergreens, but in the city the trees are bare and the skies are grey. So, it's no wonder that all I want to do isย fill my house with plants and pretend it's spring!

plants and shelves // via studio choo

greg natale green kitchen

Of course, if you just upholster or paint instead, it could be spring all year long. This is a tone I would have never considered for a kitchen until seeing this one! Could you live in this?


Even in smaller (and perhaps more appropriate) doses, like a few wild ferns and a throw on the bed, the mood is changed. I really never thought I'd find shades of green so comforting!

jean allsopp bath and painting

Or you could get as close as possible to the real thing and let a larger than life piece of art set the scene for you. Especially if you get to enjoy it from that seat!

What colors do you crave in your life this time of year?

images :: atlanta homes // via studio choo // greg natale // domino // jean allsopp