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Room Of The Week :: 1.16

This time of year in the Pacific Northwest isn't exactly fun. We have a lot of very grey days and, of course, our infamous rain. Over the years, however, I've learned to appreciate it... sort of. There is something about the watery views that even this time of year are magical.

So, in my quest for a new apartment lately, I've found that all I want is that view. That one thing that will keep me going from January through March (or May for that matter). While I'd adore ceiling to floor window type of view, I'd also settle for this...

elle decor breakfast nook


A cozy little nook that lends itself to hours of gazing across the ocean (or in my case Puget Sound) and embracing the calm, the storms, the fog, and the rain.

Its the softness of this setup that I really love the most. The heaviness that comes from exposed wood beams and an industrial fan is completely offset by the curved lines of the table, upholstered benches, even the delicate chandelier. Of course the light wood and all neutral palette help create the mood too.


image :: design by m. elle design via  elle decor