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In The Details :: Uke

Usually, our 'In the Details' posts have to do with interiors - but today it's all about fashion, my friends.

This gorgeous line - UKE - out of Spain recently hit my radar, and I not only fell in love with the clothes themselves, but the details that are so DIY worthy if you happen to be crafty...


Embellished collars and necklines, even pockets and bows! And done tastefully too - I love to see a bit of restraint in this department. Of course the materials they use - mohair fringe and teak wood - aren't exactly your garden variety picks for DIY'ers which is what makes this collection so special.


There are other details too, of course, that you wouldn't be able to DIY if you tried - the the stunning pleats on this head-to-toe navy look...

UKE all navy

I wish we'd see more women in gorgeous pants like these on the red carpet - something to set them apart in a sea of dresses. And for more casual days, it comes in denim too!

UKE denim UKE dress with detail


This dress may be my favorite in their fall lineup though - you've got to love a touch of black on navy, and that one graphic detail takes a basic shift dress to a whole new level.

For more of their designs, and where to buy, see the UKE website.