Creative Winter Greetings

Raise your hand if you totally missed the boat on mailing holiday cards this year? (Umm, me). I managed to bust out a few cards to my nearest and dearest at the very last minute, but totally failed at the usual mass mailing to my larger group of friends, fellow bloggers and favorite people I've worked with throughout the year.

So, I really love the idea of doing a winter mailer. Unexpected, warm greetings in snail mail form are always welcome right? Well, check out this design created by Seattle's Hum Creative.

hum creative winter mailer_ cocokelley_1

I received mine in the mail over the holidays, and was giddy at the gorgeous packaging and sweet sentiment. Little tea bags were wrapped in the 'Spice Things Up' paper packaging, and then tucked into the small bag.

hum creative winter mailer_ cocokelley_8

But the coasters really killed me. Look at the detail in these things! Little snowmen, christmas trees, star of david, ornaments...

hum creative winter mailer_ cocokelley_7

Even mittens, fireplaces, and steaming cups of tea (or hot cocoa?) snuck in there!

hum creative winter mailer_ cocokelley_3

hum creative winter mailer_ cocokelley_6

Inside and out the packaging was perfection and all about little details.

hum creative winter mailer_ cocokelley_4

To see more of the Hum Creative portfolio, check out their website.