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In The Details :: Holiday Decor

I actually stumbled across this editorial late this summer, and held on to it, knowing that I'd want to share it come December. I love the sweet, sparkly moments of holiday decor in this bright, white home!

Stephanie Vogler Home at Christmas // tree + living room

Funny how a flocked tree somehow doesn't require as many bits and baubles, isn't it? I love spreading presents out not just under the tree but onto chairs (or bookshelves, fireplaces, and poufs!) - it somehow makes them feel more festive and plentiful!

Stephanie Vogler Home at Christmas // mirror + garland

I'm always a fan of non-traditional decor elements, and while garland is certainly a traditional piece, I adore it a bit more casually draped over everyday items. I'm so doing this with my mirror this week! I even found these crochet snowflake garlands on etsy that are quite similar to the ones above. They feel like heirlooms!

Stephanie Vogler Home at Christmas // home office

I'm pretty jealous of this home office moment where Stephanie gets to write her Christmas cards!

Stephanie Vogler Home at Christmas // piano  + tinsel tree

Ok, so this is my favorite (and slightly random) decor moment in the house. Photo memories above, a mini tinsel tree, and a pile of Christmas lights. I can just picture piling holiday cards onto the mini piano as they arrive!

Stephanie Vogler Home at Christmas // bedroom + presents

And of course... there's nothing better than spending Christmas morning in bed with presents! This cozy mix of sheets and throws is making me very ready for some serious lazy pajama time over the holidays!

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