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Creatives At Christmas :: 95 Yesler

Many of you have heard me talk about my office - but the truth is, it's not just my office. It belongs to a group of us. A group of creative, intelligent, hard-working entrepreneurs who make up this beautiful, inspiring space.

I consider myself insanely lucky to get to work here every day, and while it's been a bit of a work in progress, I'm pretty excited to finally be able to share a good look at it today! The space is featured in the December issue of Rue (where you can read up on many more details!) and they did a beautiful job on the article!

95 Yesler offices _ 3

95 Yesler offices _ 2

The historical building lends us architectural delights and plenty of natural light with some of the most stunning windows in the city, which makes it a joy to work in every day. When we first started decorating, I knew I wanted to keep that all-white palette to let the details in the space really shine.

95 Yesler offices _ 1

I immediately went to Ikea to ask if they could help us out. We had a strategy - make every desk mobile so that we could use the space for photo shoots and events. So, I chose these tops and bases to keep things convertible!  My desk space is the one on the right - I can be quite the nester when it comes to creating an area for myself!

95 Yesler offices _ 4

95 Yesler offices _ 7

95 Yesler offices _ 6

And, while I love my little desk, the conference table area might be my favorite. I scored the chairs at a vintage store in Seattle, and they've made themselves at home here, adding a major dose of glamour to the all-Ikea tables and storage.

95 Yesler offices _ 9

95 Yesler offices _ 5

After we'd formed the space, we dubbed it the 95 Yesler Creative Studios. Not only did we want to have our own space for all of us to work in, but we wanted to provide a space that other creatives in Seattle (or visiting the area!) could use for their own needs - at reasonable prices that actually suit small businesses.

95 Yesler offices _ 8

For the full story on the space, you can read the whole article on Rue! You can also check out the 95 Yesler website to see what we're up to - we just launched it but hope to add much more to the space as we continue to grow!

office furniture provided by ikea ::  trestle desks // desk drawers // pax wardrobe storage in high gloss white // shelving in high gloss white // conference table top

christmas tree provided by balsam hill // art by jenny vorwaller // tree skirt west elm

photography by belathee