While most of us tend to spend Valentine’s Day with our one and only (or, you know, a box of chocolates), I think it makes things way more fun to spend an evening with all the people we adore, right? (You can go make out with your sweetie later. Nobody wants to see that at the dinner table anyway.)

Personally, I’d rather spend this sappy day showing my favorite people some heartfelt gratitude for their friendships. Keeping things small and intimate – the best of the besties – I’d put together something unexpected and casual, with delicious comfort food to fight off the February chill. And, since we’d all rather be in Mexico right now…. what could possibly be a better theme? 

modern mexican inspired tabletop | coco kelley julie harmsen for coco+kelley modern mexicana 2

What, you’ve never heard of a Mexican Valentine’s Day feast? Well, you’re about to. Truth be told, I really wanted to create a tabletop that gave me the excuse to wear that fabulous vintage dress you see above. I was inspired by the subtle color and stylings – something we don’t envision when we think of a Mexican themed party.  So I wanted to put that style into a table. A more modern, clean look with lots of whites and metallics, but just the right pop of coral and red…

coco+kelley modern mexicana 3 coco+kelley modern mexicana 4

The menus were created with the same idea. Authentic but updated dishes that are a bit less common (Ahem. No taco bar allowed).

A spicy crab soup to start, followed by mini tostadas to cleanse the palate. Then super traditional turkey tamales with mole to finish things off! And for dessert? Well, we’ll get to that part later…

coco+kelley modern mexicana 5 coco+kelley modern mexicana 6

As with all my tables – even the most casual – there has to be a hit of glamour. The high shine of the gold flatware, salad dishes, and gold rimmed glasses add that lovely touch perfectly. The rest of the table, in contrast, uses really natural, beautiful textures. I love the combination!

coco+kelley modern mexicana 7-1 coco+kelley modern mexicana 7-2

To top things off, some easy floral bunches all in white, and a few glowing glassybabies (my favorite go-to votives made here in Seattle!) do the trick…

coco+kelley modern mexicana 8 coco+kelley modern mexicana 9 coco+kelley modern mexicana 11

A welcoming table that inspires casual comfort, and warm blankets for friends that invite late night conversations. Now you tell me – who wouldn’t want to spend their Valentine’s Day here?

*shop the look :: gold rimmed glassware // coral rimmed glassware // wood dish // metallic dish // dinner plate // wood charger // cadiz napkin // gold flatware // ‘placemat‘ // handmade glass candleholders // vases (1) and (2) // table linen // baskets // mexican blankets //

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