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coco+kelley spring picks

While last Friday had me in a bit of a mood, I realized that while I certainly can’t control the sunshine (which happens to finally be shining right now!), at the very least, I can control some happy spring thoughts. So, I’ve surrounded myself with flowers, banned Bon Iver from my playlists, and started a little wishlist […]

20 responses on “SUMMONING SPRING

  1. Lisa Lynn

    Those stools are incredible. Definitely on my wish list now.

    Great post! I know what you mean about being in a ‘mood.’ I want it to be spring so badly right now, but we just got 7 inches of snow..

    Mostly Lisa


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emma persson by petra bendel

I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of pistachio greens in a kitchen, but it wasn’t until today that I think I finally understand why… It goes so insanely well with marble! And light woods – which I’m not always a fan of. In fact, this entire space is not typically the style that I’m […]

7 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK :: 11.15

  1. BrookeJ

    I agree, that pistachio color looks beautiful with the marble. I really like this room too, it’s soft and pretty without being overtly feminine.

  2. Anna - Canoe Design

    What an amazing kitchen! I totally agree – the colors, materials and design is perfect! And I have not been a huge fan of pistachio in the past, however I think that this kitchen changes my mind…thanks!

  3. Angela

    I love it too (although I don’t think it would ever look that clean at my place). That touch of warmth with the brass faucet is genius. We saw a bunch of hunter green at market, and the latest word from Sherwin Williams is that mint green will be big for 2013…so you are way ahead of the trends!


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