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Yes, I’m still obsessing over the color combo of red + green as we head in August and the sweetest part of summer… Evoking some vintage nostalgia and a nod to Italian culture (I mean, could that Dolce & Gabbana dress say it any more perfectly?) this mod mix is the perfect style inspiration for […]

13 responses on “LA DOLCE VITA: MORE RED + GREEN

  1. Karena

    Great collection of images, adore the pillow patterns and the dress is fabulous!


    Art by Karena

  2. Kariyah

    Lovely things. I’d always thought of red and green as strictly a Christmas combo, but these are definitely and refreshingly summery!

    I’d love it if you checked out my blog, Sel de Lavendre, and perhaps add me to your blogroll? Thanks!



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A perfect place to visit on a Friday afternoon… and my last place to share from my trip to Italy. Welcome to Capri!This beautiful island is every bit as charming, sunny, and wonderful as everyone promised it would be. By far the most relaxing stop on our travels, I could have spent a few more […]

41 responses on “TRAVEL DIARY: CAPRI

  1. smilesfromstilacoom

    Where’d you get your striped top?dress? from. It’s stunning! Looks like you had an amazing memorable trip.

  2. Hooper Patterson and Ann White Schutte

    Truly my MOST favorite place in the world. I haven’t been back in almost 15 years, so thanks for taking me!

  3. Chizwa

    Beautiful pics. I loved Capri. and if your planning on staying more by the amalfi coast you should go to Viareggeo((I TOTALLY RECOMMEND!)) bicycling along the coast and skating in the middle of the forest. so wimsical,,, ahh,,,

  4. Catarina Almeida Santos

    Gorgeous photos, its a beautiful place, enjoy πŸ™‚
    i discovered now your blog, and Congrats, its a lovely blog πŸ™‚


  5. MFAMB

    holy nutsack.
    first of all i saw that dress at UO and tried it on. sadly my jugs were all…no effing way!
    it’s cute on you though.

    capri looks like heaven. does it smell like awesome?

    and is that gnocchi with pesto?

    hate your face right now.

  6. Chelsea

    Just caught up on your blog! Your trip sounds AMAZING!! I want to go to Italy right now! Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  7. Callie Grayson

    Capri is so beautiful. I love that island
    Happy you were able to go and had such a wonderful experience
    Xx Callie

  8. thehaflife

    I really enjoyed reading all your posts about your trip to Italy. The photos are beautiful. I haven’t been lucky enough to visit the southern half of the country, yet. And, how wonderful that you know family still living in that country. I only know that my mom’s family is from Naples and somewhere in Sicily.

  9. Tiffany

    It’s 8AM here and I just had breakfast and my mouth is watering! That food look so good. I am so glad that you had a amazing time. Oh I adore that dress!

  10. classic Ò€’ casual Ò€’ home

    Ah Capri… I want to be there.
    Darling red strapless dress!

  11. Polly

    I`ve just been at Capri, as well. And I loved it. I went to Rome and Firenze, and just one day at Capri. I would love to stay longer πŸ™‚

  12. Lauren@BaylorSays...

    Thank you so much for bringing us along on your trip! Just loving your pics.

    You look darling in that cute dress!

  13. bintheknow

    It looks beautiful! And I love your dress – I saw it at Urban Outfitters the other day and thought it was so cute. Have a great weekend!
    Much love,

  14. Design Candy

    I have enjoyed your photos and recaps so much this week! My family and my hubby’s are both from Italy and I am ashamed I have never been (he has as a kid). I am making this a top priority for us one day soon!

    Thank you for sharing!

  15. Kelsey Genna

    Looks so beautiful, I have always wanted to visit there. I have loved seeing photos from your travels, thank you for sharing x

  16. cassandra @ coco kelley

    thank you all so much for your sweet comments! if i could i’d take ya’ll back there with me and we could have a well-earned vacation in paradise! xo

  17. Kristin

    I love this post so much! I’m glad you had such a wonderful time and were able to share it with us πŸ™‚

  18. Chelsea Costa

    Ughhhh – gorgeous! Like, too much pretty to handle! And I almost got that Urban dress too — looks great on ya. Happy weekend!

  19. Karen V

    Thanks for sharing your experience of Capri with all of us! It looks like a dream. Also, a big THANK YOU for mentioning J.K. Place..just earlier today I was trying to remember the name of the architect who designed that hotel! One last note: you look great in your pix, so photogenic!

  20. SeaGal

    These are all so very beautiful..looks like you had a wonderful time. I would have never wanted to leave..


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The next stops on our quick little journey were to Sorrento and Positano where we spent about a full day in each city relaxing enjoying a little beach (or should I say cliff?) time…Our hotel was just two blocks up from the waterfront, and this was the view that greeted us on our first day […]


  1. birdie butter

    Oh how I want to visit the Amalfi Coast … pictures are amazing! I would’ve chosen the green or navy loafers.

  2. Splenderosa

    Sorrento is my most favorite place on earth. Hands down. But all of Italy is enchanting, and I want to know more about your visit. Please please please….

  3. classic Ò€’ casual Ò€’ home

    What a heavenly trip! When we were in Positano we bought the whole family (my husband and two kids and I) loafers…I got red and a periwinkle shade…best loafers. Great on cobblestones. Your photos are amazing…love stuffed squash blossoms.

  4. erika @ small shop

    Ahhh, Amalfi! I did a post on wanting to go to Portofino yesterday, but Positano and Capri would be the others on my must-see

  5. {better than candy}

    i missssss italy. thank you for taking me down memory lane. curious what color loafer you decided on. πŸ™‚

  6. Lindsey Suggs

    Oh I LOOOOOVE Positano! It may be my favorite place in the world. Your pictures take me back. Sigh…

  7. jacquelynnicole

    the picture with the flowers just made my mouth drop. I’ve been to Italy but I missed the amalfi coast! Shame on me.

  8. Portuguese Prepster

    I will have to try that recipe. I am in love with all of the loafers and so jealous of your fabulous pictures!

  9. My Dog-Eared Pages

    Beautiful photographs! I would have chosen the coraly-pink loafers. Stuffed squash blossoms look just divine. Yum!! ; )

  10. Sarah Baucom

    I studied abroad in Italy in college and Positano was one of my favorite spots! It is so romantic and lovely, have a ball!

  11. tina.b

    I’m so enjoying your summaries and vacation photos as we are planning a trip to Italy next summer. Although with three children in tow it will not be quite as glamourous, but I’m very excited nonetheless.

  12. Martushka

    Missoni shop look so cute and the courgette flowers with goat cheese are my favourite but so hard to get, i recommend to try they with a little bit of honey it will bring the sweetness of goat cheese.

  13. Penney3000

    Oh my these pictures brings back memories. I live in Italy for 2 years. The coast is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your adventure with me. Blessings-P

  14. The-Countrypolitan

    It looks like you are having an amazing time!… justly so after that horrific start you had to your journey!

    Love all the photos!

  15. Petites Merveilles

    Such dreamy pictures! And those loafers in every color-I too would’ve had a hard time choosing just one! Maybe orange?

  16. modanuovo

    i went to positano on my honeymoon a few years ago, and took the exact same picture of missoni πŸ™‚ your pictures make me want to transport there right now!

  17. Lindsay [rookie's nest]

    ooooooooooooh ENVIOUS!!!!! hope you’re having a great time! i think I would have chosen the cognac/brown loafers. or classic white!


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Hello friends! I’m back with more of my travel notes from Italy! Today we are heading just a bit north from the family’s adventures in Sicily to the town of Rende where my father was born. This was by far the most special part of the trip, and a place I hope to return to […]

One response on “TRAVEL DIARY: RENDE

  1. emilse del buono

    Hola Cassandra!
    Soy Emilse Del Buono, vivo en Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    Mis bisabuelos nacieron en Rende , Ellos eran Pasquale De Buono y Maria Perugini. Los apellidos de mi familia son De Buono, Perugini, Santanna, Mazzulla, Sicilia.. Emigraron a mi pais circa de 1880.
    TambiΓ©n estoy esperando el momento para conocer este hermoso lugar.
    Te mando un beso


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While the rest of my family got to enjoy Sicily for about a week, I joined in the party a bit late, so my few days there were spent mainly in Catania. If you want a dose of real southern Sicilian living, I recommend diving into the culture here! The fish market near the main […]

18 responses on “TRAVEL DIARY: CATANIA

  1. Naomi@DesignManifest

    Great pics, so jealous of the trip, but mostly I’m just loving on your new bangs! I’ve been slowing cutting my side swept ones shorter and shorter. It’s such a great summer look πŸ™‚

  2. chiara

    I can’t believe I have never been in Catania…
    Stores closed on Sun are a bit of a disappointment for me too. But then I think – well, they too have the right to enjoy their families and the warm weather…

  3. Miz.November

    I’m loving getting to eavesdrop on your travels. Also, I love the bangs on you and the nude lips. I’ve been doing a lot of the nude lip lately.

  4. cassandra @ coco kelley

    loving all your wonderful comments! and thanks for not making me feel like a crazy fool for my ‘sophisticated italian’ face πŸ˜‰ xo

  5. Kacie @ A Collection of Passions

    I love that ceiling. Very KW as you said. Lovely photos. Keep ’em comin’.

    A Collection of Passions

  6. Amy

    Beautiful photos of your holiday. I was lucky enough to go to Italy last year but only for a short time. Looking at these has just made me yearn to return to Italia and to explore Sicily.


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