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floodline no 2 by lisa golightly

Fall is here and I’m still in need of some restorative alone time after my summer travels. Preferably surrounded by the beautiful artwork of Portland based painter Lisa Golightly. I first learned about Lisa’s work from my friend The Jealous Curator. I love her figurative pieces inspired by photography and her moody abstract paintings like Floodline No. 2, which […]

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  1. Diane Terry

    Thank you for posting Lisa’s current moodier work. l fell in love with Lisa Golightly’s work decades ago and is my Pinteresy Art board favorite. It used to have a whimsical, vintage vibe. Her current work is darker, moodier and more sophisticated. Thank you for re-introducing me to her work. Love your blog. It is my morning favorite!

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I’ve had kitchens on the brain lately. Well – to be honest – I’ve had house renovations on the brain for months, but recently the stars have aligned in nudging us into the direction of a kitchen remodel, so naturally I’ve been hunting down inspiration. Which is when I stumbled on this gem: This kitchen as […]

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  1. Teresa McLeod

    I have seen this kitchen twice. I showed it to my husband and we discussed it. There are three elements that stand out. One: the layout: it’s a galley kitchen. They are the most efficient which is why they are used by commercial restaurants. So not all of us have this possibility, but good to recognize it. Second: there is something about black metal windows that make us swoon. Is it the heritage quality? or the contrast with everything else? I don’t know, but it’s there. Third, the light into the space. That’s definitely primal. Not too much, not too little, juuuust right.. That’s the key: humans like light, and smaller spaces (not too open). This is a wonderful kitchen.

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First Birkenstocks, now endless layers of grey? Seattle sure seems to be right on trend these days, doesn’t it? But when you actually live in the grey (or with the guys who are still wearing socks with their birks) the trend doesn’t always seem quite as appealing. However – being a black-and-white girl myself, I happen to […]

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  1. Chloe

    I thought it was silly when I heard grey was going to be a huge fall trend, but now I’ve found my closet full of it. I ADORE that chunky grey knit in the second photo.

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The boy and I have been talking about moving this summer, and the very idea has me dreaming of new decor for our living room… This room just found itself in first place for inspiration. I know what some of you are thinking… this is on the verge of boring. But, actually, it’s just ripe […]

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Apologies for the delayed room today! I thought I had the post all scheduled to go, but it never went. However, I do believe that this one was very worth the wait!When I initially started collecting inspiration for my bedroom last summer, I was convinced I wanted to do shades of grey and coral… what […]

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  1. Anonymous

    BEAUTIFUL! How much do you want to cuddle up with those throw pillows. This space is the perfect balance of comfort and sophistication.
    Love it!

  2. Anonymous

    This is truly a gorgeous room, what I wouldn't give for those giant glamorous french doors! They are amazing 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Now that's a room I can see myself living in. What a fabulous coffee table—droooool. Love the feature wall colour too. Love it all.

  4. Anonymous

    I so agree with you…really random selection of furniture but it works really really well. I too question that light fixture over stove top … but am so in love with that soft blue under the sheet of plexiglass.
    Nice post!

  5. Anonymous

    Beautiful space! I so badly wish I could peak behind the glass wall and see the hidden part of the space. Perhaps the home for all the cabinets/kitchen stuff that doesn't look quite so pretty? Or maybe an office area? Dying to know! Marija

  6. Anonymous

    Soooo worth the wait!
    Fantastic light streaming thru those windows! Love the back splash in the kitchen for a pop of color. All the wood accents, the few pops of color and great textures, make this white room warm and cozy.
    Great find!!

    Northern Light

  7. Anonymous

    I think the "lamp" in the kitchen might actually be an extractor fan. If so I think that they are making some really lovely fans these days. If it is just a lamp then I think it looks a little odd.

  8. Anonymous

    I absolutely LOVE the color scheme and that huge mirror is a fabulous focal point. I'm not crazy about the touches of warm-colored wood, i.e. the two occasional chairs, the wooden table, the chess pieces. Maybe its just not quite the right finish or something… But overall, an inspiring image!

  9. Anonymous

    Gorgeous room! Although I can't really focus on any of it because I'm so smitten by those french doors!!

  10. Anonymous

    loving like 80% of the room, especially those throw pillows and the chess pieces! the grey/coral ottomans are kinda throwing me off though…I would have done them in a matching fabric, or maybe just one corla-upholstered bench?

    thanks for sharing (and hope all is great with you!)

  11. Anonymous

    So very awesome. I want to live in this room, indeed. I am loving that couch to. Any chance you know where it hails from?

  12. Anonymous

    the gray couch is super hip and trendy and i heart the sweater pillows. I would enjoy a few of those on my couch! xoxox KC


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