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corner wall fireplace

Whenever I’m feeling buried and chaotic about work, I seem to have several coping mechanisms – the best one being cleaning. Yep, cleaning. If my apartment is a mess, so is my brain. So after a very long week, I’m taking some time for my personal life today and clearing out the house in preparation […]

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  1. RhodesianRidgeback

    I am unpacking, moving from where I lived for 24 years. So, getting the lighting up, and finding my special snow owl ornament for Christmas were major. Now I am putting the paintings on the floor approximately where they will go up. So more walking floor space is opening up. And, I am cleaning and packing Christmas Gifts from things I have that the nieces and nephews will enjoy, children’s books, games new to them, and art supplies I have duplicates or too much of. They love getting real stuff, and a few antique post cards. All my cast iron went to a local boy scout troop, as I can no longer handle it, and they were joyous as they will be doing overnighters this year. I remember when they were Weebelows. Now, I don’t know what you call them. Full Scouts? I buy room scent for Christmas that is French, a different combination than the English, Southern U.S. And I start wrapping the art supplies with carry-all options. Always give them an option. And, the princesses want scarves and ribbons. The little sports want sport paraphanalia and sport stories. They get what they don’t even know to dream of, as mine are all vintage books. Each year I send new book plates for them to choose from. I am testing the light in the windows to see what grows where and how much cover it needs. And everyone gets two sample bottles of Monin Natural syrups. My choices for this year are Salted Caramel, and Candied Orange. It’s the postage that kills me.

  2. Meghan

    Cleaning is definitely my go-to as well. A night at home, watching holiday movies and enjoying my own decorations is a great way to balance the craziness of the holidays. Enjoy your weekend! xo


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