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coco+kelley cork coaster DIY

There’s something about the holidays that brings out my crafty side – whether it’s in the kitchen or wrapping presents, I’m much more likely to get into some hands on projects around the house, and I have to say… I love it! So, I was really excited to host a little DIY event at Anthropologie […]

14 responses on “HOLI-DIY: CORK COASTERS!

  1. Callie Grayson

    Very fun!
    I am always doing crafts at the holidays. This year I have crafty weekends, for my friends to come over any time and I have the living room all set up. It’s fun, we chat, drink wine and make fun DIY projects

  2. Hadleycourt

    What a great idea! I think it would be fun to do holiday coasters. You could put Santa faces, Easter eggs, etc. thanks for sharing!


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