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Tilton Fenwick sofa detail

I’ve enjoyed putting my sourcing skills to the test lately with these more unique inspiration rooms, but this bold beauty designed by design duo Tilton Fenwick might have been the greatest challenge yet! Barely a peek into the brightly colored space offers a glimpse at how saturated it is with print, pattern and jewel tones… And, indeed, […]


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miles redd entryway

In any home that’s large enough to offer it, there should be one room that’s purely magical. This could mean many things to many people – it could be dark and enveloping with layers of textiles, or bright and welcoming, sparkling with metallics.  Or, it could be this. A ‘tented’ entry decorated with chinoiserie style, […]

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aqua + pink traditional living room

This week’s room is really just a corner of a room… because it seems to be the only image I can find, but thanks to some savvy readers, we have tracked down the source! Designer Heidi Prebell is the genius behind this fabulous little space and I have to say, I’m quite smitten… I love […]

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  1. Amelia

    Wow! Bold indeed. I would have had some major trepidation painting woodwork that color, but it looks amazing! I have 1996 internet speed, so I was able to read your analysis before the picture finally loaded, and I totally agree about the rug. I’d do a white one with a plush, high pile. Awesome photo find!

  2. Iza

    Hi, I just saw this post and saw your comment about the pic. The room is from Heidi Pribell interiors, an interior designer from Boston. here is the link of the pic http://www.bostondesignguide.com/guide/interior-design/heidi-pribell-interiors-distinctive-interior-design-services-cambridge-ma

    (if you find a picture in tumbler and you don’t know the source, download it to your desktop and then drag it to google images, and you will find the source for sure)

    Good luck!

  3. Erin {House of Turquoise}

    LOVE this room! Maybe not for my own home, but I can’t stop looking at it! The wallpaper and sofa do it for me!

    The room was actually designed by Heidi Pribell, an interior designer out of Boston, and photographed by Nat Rea! Great job by both!

  4. Jen Fleming

    It’s done by Heidi Pribell Interiors of Boston. http://www.heidipribell.com/style.html

    Sourced it off of sugarluxe blog http://sugarluxeblog.com/2011/07/heidi-pribell-interior-design-turquoise-mid-century-sofa-with-gorgeous-graphic-pink-aqua-wallpaper/

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find more shots of the room on Heidi’s site, but you can get glimpses of the house (if I’m interpreting the photos right).

    Gorgeous wall paper! I also like the use of white as a dose of calm…black just wouldn’t feel right in this space.

  5. April

    I like the style of the rug, it’s the tone that is the tough sell with me, specifically the yellow/brownish tones. Overall, I love the room though.

  6. Franki

    I did NOT KNOW about “dragging and Google images!!” Nice! Loved everything about that room – except that turquoise molding…easily changed though. franki

  7. Julie

    oh wow! now this is a room! it’s amazing just how much is going on, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming when you look at it. a job well done.

  8. Nicole White

    Definitely not my style but quite a well designed space. The white mirror and accessories break up the abundance of color and helped create what is simply a very flirty, fun and chic space. I likes.


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I so envy people who can invite color into their homes in a way that feels so natural and playful. As I’ve gone through the process of designing my own space, I’ve realized that you have to stick with what works for you. As much as I’ve tried to add a pop of yellow here, […]

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  1. Stephania

    I painted my living room a similar aqua hue and paired it with bright white trim and splashes of red, but I’m loving this yellow! Maybe I’ll have to switch out all of the red and go for this look instead!

  2. Sandra Nachtsheim

    Hi Cassandra,

    I have already read this article in Residence Magazine a couple of weeks ago and thought exactly the same as you. The stylist of this home has really nicely accentuated the room with a big but right dose of color…

    Best Greetings from Berlin,

  3. Interior T

    I love colour!! Never be afraid of it, as it is apart of your well being too! Colour does reflect your personality, and plays on how you feel. Thanks for the lovely DECOR..=)

  4. sabrina strelitz

    love the pops of color!i’m dealing with the same in my own house! just did a shoot in a home store mostly with white decor and added colorful accessories..also i love neutral decor with a lot of textures..just as good!


  5. Spiral Style

    It is so gray in Michigan for about 6 months of the year. I had to have color in the house. Lots of turquoise and orange.


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I’ve been obsessed with having a pop of aqua blue in my house, and found the perfect opportunity when I ordered this chandelier for my dining room. Under the chandelier will go a small round table that I was originally thinking would be black. Now? I’m dreaming of a deep, saturated navy instead… That kind […]

37 responses on “NAVY + AQUAMARINE


    Oh my goodness…..I ADORE that chandelier and that color combo. I’m a big aqua lover too! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Post pics please:)

  2. VRB

    AMEN to this that! I love navy that’s almost black in fact my back door is painted that same colour almost!

  3. Kait

    Yum yum yum. I am loving this color combo.

    I think that deep deep blue is a great idea. It’s a very elegant color. I painted my walls a candy apple green with Behr paint and couldn’t have been happier with the results. I imagine they’d have a nice dark blue that’d suit your project.


    Ohhhh do Hermes orange, that would look so great with a high gloss navy!! Good luck, looking forward to seeing the reveal. 🙂


  5. Blythe

    one of my favorite combos of all time — and eek-ed when i saw that Emily Henderson room there. One of my favorites. That sofa is SO awesome.

  6. Kathleen

    Benjamin Moore’s Soot – I heartily second that vote. I painted a tiny downstairs powder room (just a toilet and sink) in this color and it’s GLAMOROUS. It’s become my “gentleman’s club” bathroom. Awesome.

  7. Splendid Market

    I love aqua with navy, deep navy. I painted a chair that deep navy, I think it was a Ralph Lauren color. I added more black to the original formula to make it even deeper. The chandelier is wonderful, what an exciting addition.

  8. lisaelwelldesign

    Soot by Ben Moore. Ruthie Sommers used it…perfect black with a navy undertone…I used it on built in book shelves.

    Good luck.

  9. On Meadow Lake

    Been contemplating navy lately too. Something like the pillows you have shown. Benjamin Moore Blue Note is always nice.

  10. Jessie

    I second polo blue by Benjamin Moore. Our living room is painted in it and I love how the color morphs durring the day from a dark navy to an almost black!

  11. thedesigndaredevil

    Loving that Color Combo girl! I have the same chandy in black and it’s amazing! Happy New Year! XO~JD

  12. christine {bijouandboheme}

    This is one of my absolute favourite colour combos- used it for my son’s room and adore how it turned out. My favourite true navy is Hale Navy but BM- it’s a real navy- not almost black but gorgeous and dark, without any hint of royal etc.


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