Yesterday we hopped a flight to Raleigh to visit family for the week, and it’s been so nice to have a change of pace and scenery! There’s a warm fall glow in the air here, and it’s a welcome change from the frigid rain we’ve had in Seattle. The countdown to stuffing my face with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and PIE is on. And speaking of pie…


1 // If you’re like me and can’t decide which pie to bake this Thanksgiving… maybe you should test this one out. Apple Pumpkin Pecan Pie. All my favorites in one!!

2 // Madame! You need this bag, non? I can never have too many oversized clutches in my repertoire.

3 // If you’re delivering whiskey, or just sipping it yourself this season, wouldn’t you prefer it from a bottle like this?

4 // This home tour is all-around adorable with some really fun family details, but the bed in the master bedroom – an Ikea frame all painted up – is pretty awesome.

5 // Another genius hack – of the food variety – freezing apple cider into large cubes to pour your booze over! This recipe for Apple Cider Rum Old Fashioned sounds good, but I’d pour mine with straight bourbon and a squeeze of lemon, I think.

6 //  This time of year, I always find myself wishing I had a few more spare chairs for gathering guests around the table. If finding some chic folding chairs is on your list, check out these, these and these as a few of the fancier options.

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What happens when you mix Scandinavian sensibilities with cozy cabin moments? The perfect Thanksgiving tabletop to show off a modern, yet traditional style, that’s what. And yet – it’ so much more than that.

how to set a modern-meets-traditional thanksgiving tabletop | coco +kelley

Stay with me here…

See, when I think about my girlfriends, I see strong, forward-thinking women who can definitely hold their own. And yet… we’re all very traditional in our own ways as well.

how to set a modern-meets-traditional thanksgiving tabletop | coco +kelley

When I teamed up with Skinnygirl® Cocktails earlier this year to learn more about them, I didn’t think it would lead me to such a thoughtful moment of realization about what they – and I – celebrate in my girlfriends, but here it is. I adore all of the strong amazing women in my life, and I’m proud to call them my friends. This table is for celebrating them!

mixed patterns and wild florals for a thanksgiving tabletop | coco +kelley

They are a little bit wild – like these flowers. They have many many layers. They strike a perfect balance in exuding and embracing their feminine and ‘masculine’ sides like the mix of patterns. They aren’t afraid to be a little bit glamorous, but they like to keep things simple too…

how to set a modern-traditional thanksgiving tabletop | coco+kelley mixed floral and plaid tabletop for thanksgiving or fall entertaining| coco +kelley

wild florals and plaid for a thanksgiving tabletop | coco+kelley

And you know they love their wine!!!

tips to setting the perfect friendsgiving tabletop with skinnygirl | coco+kelley

And on a holiday like Thanksgiving, trust me when I say a wine like these selections from Skinnygirl® Cocktails is what you want to be drinking. (Less calories!!)

But let’s talk about this table… because I want to teach you guys how easy it is to put something like this together just by knowing about a few tricks…

mixed floral and plaid tabletop for thanksgiving or fall entertaining| coco +kelley

First – we created a cozy texture with a blanket instead of a tablecloth! For a modern table – like this one – it adds a ton of warmth. For a table that’s already a bit rustic, even better! Thrift or vintage store finds are perfect for this purpose – obviously you’re not putting your best cashmere throw on a tabletop!

tips to setting the perfect thanksgiving tabletop with skinnygirl and coco+kelley

tips to setting a cozy thanksgiving tabletop with coco+kelley

Next – it’s all about layering pattern. The key is alway mixing scale and keeping a cohesive color palette when it comes to this task. Here we added a really organic floral pattern to the strong lines of a buffalo plaid, offset by a gold charger. The trick to getting away with another plaid on the table is to make sure that the patterns don’t align. You’ll notice that the throw on the table is at an angle!

mixed floral and plaid tabletop for thanksgiving or fall entertaining| coco +kelley

Then comes the fun part! Adding texture through some natural items like leaves (stolen from the neighbor’s tree) or feathers. We added a few white miniature pumpkins too not only because they’re festive but because it brings more white throughout the table.

mixed floral and plaid tabletop for thanksgiving or fall entertaining| coco +kelley

tips to setting the perfect fall thanksgiving tabletop with coco+kelley

For extra warmth, I’d even add some shearling throws to each seat – or maybe a blanket at each place setting as a gift! How better to show your girlfriends how much you appreciate them.

mixed floral and plaid tabletop for thanksgiving or fall entertaining| coco +kelley

mixed floral and plaid tabletop for thanksgiving or fall entertaining| coco +kelley

Then, of course, it’s time to pour the wine (my favorite is the Skinnygirl® Pinot Noir), sit back, and enjoy an evening with your very favorite people.

Make sure you have loads of drink recommendations and recipes up your sleeve for the holidays by signing up for the Skinnygirl® Cocktails Tastemakers program!

Photography by Meghan Klein / Florals by cpjandco

This post created in partnership with Skinnygirl® Cocktails. We thank you for supporting the brands that support coco+kelley!
Skinnygirl® Cocktails is a registered trademark of Jim Beam Brands Co. (“Beam”) and is used with permission. The information, comments and ideas expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Beam, its affiliated companies or any of their directors or employees. Beam does not sponsor, authorize, or otherwise endorse this website. Read more about our editorial policies. Drink responsibly. Skinnygirl® Wine Collection ©2015 Skinnygirl Cocktails, Deerfield, IL (Per 5 oz – Average Analysis: Calories 100, Carbohydrates 5g, Protein 0g, Fat 0g)


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Confession: I’m the type of person who creates a spreadsheet for holiday dinners. I make sure that the turkey, the side dishes, the drinks are all covered… but I always always forget about the appetizers. Not this year!

Dips are a perfect appetizer and a host’s best friend. They only require a few minutes and one bowl to prepare, which gives you time to focus on the recipes and people that need your attention. Plus, have you ever had a bad dip? Me neither.

warm artichoke and cranberry dip recipe by coco+kelley

While salsa and hummus rule the summer, heavier, cheesy dips rule the fall, and artichoke-cranberry is queen of them all.

The dish is so indulgent that your guests are probably better off not knowing the ingredient list (shhhhhh!). All they need to know is how delicious the addition of a tart cranberry is to this classic recipe. 

warm artichoke and cranberry dip recipe by coco+kelley

Hot Artichoke and Cranberry Dip // serves 8

  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 cups parmesan cheese, grated
  • 14 oz. artichoke hearts, quartered
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper

warm artichoke and cranberry dip recipe by coco+kelley

Preheat your oven to 350F. Then, in a medium bowl, start by creaming together the butter, cream cheese, and mayonnaise with a fork or an electric mixer. Keep stirring until there are no lumps! Next, add the remaining ingredients. Stir them until they’re evenly mixed in.

That’s it for prep! Now, all you need to do is transfer the batter to a shallow baking dish, like a pie plate or multiple ramekins. Place the dip in the center of the oven and bake for 40 minutes. Serve hot on sliced baguette or crackers.

warm artichoke and cranberry dip recipe by coco+kelley

Enjoy! (And don’t bother counting calories. ‘Tis the season, right?) 

recipe and photography by gina hinton for coco+kelley


  1. Ali

    Looks so delish! This feels like such a silly question but did you use canned artichoke hearts? If so, is there a brand you recommend? The artichokes look so much better than the canned ones I’ve tried to use in the past that were too salty, too soft, and generally a real disappointment!

    1. Cassandra LaValle

      We used jarred ones – I get mine from Trader Joe’s! Some are flavored, and some aren’t so be careful which ones you grab!! For dip, it doesn’t matter quite as much since they get baked in anyway, but I know what you mean!

  2. torie

    Welp, I’m officially making this on Saturday when I host the 2nd Annual Perfect Fall Day for some girlfriends. Will report back! :) Also grateful to know which artichokes you bought.

  3. Jennie H.

    I am planning to make this for a Christmas party next weekend. What size baking dish did you use? I’m thinking of picking up a new Le Creuset at Williams Sonoma…


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Considering how many of you left comments professing your love for the wallpaper in my dressing room reveal the other day, I have a feeling this house tour that I discovered on Lonny with have you feeling equally giddy with its shots of glamour, beautiful details and – yes – rooms upon rooms filled with bold wallpaper.

an acrylic island in a bright kitchen with brass details  featured on lonny magazine | via coco+kelley

Hello insane kitchen. And by insane, I mean how crazy i’d go trying to keep an acrylic island clean, but man is it unique! I also love the floating shelves in the prep area to the right. But most importantly…

dramatic dining room with dalmatian polka dot wallpaper in black and white featured on lonny magazine | via coco kelley

That wallpaper! A little dalmatian dot never hurt, right? I loved seeing this chandelier in the dining room, as we have the smaller version in our own dining room! It’s a favorite of mine – we recommend it to clients all the time as it has such a great classic meets modern feel.

dramatic dining room with dalmatian polka dot wallpaper in black and white featured on lonny magazine | via coco kelley

spotted wallpaper and acrylic barcart featured on lonny magazine| via coco kelley

The vibe that owner and designer Katie Kime brings to the whole house is uniquely hers. The patterned papers are all from her own line, and her love of color is evident throughout.

In the formal dining room, there’s a whole different version of wallpaper in one of my favorite styles – grasscloth!

oversized lighting in an eclectic glam dining room featured on lonny magazine | house tour via coco kelley

The seams in this paper never align, so they drive some people crazy, but I love the texture it brings to a room.  This space has quite the eclectic vibe going on between that fuchsia overdyed rug, marbleized fabric on the dining chairs, and oversized lights (and art!).  The formal dining room is definitely the place for drama! And speaking of which…

glamorous sliding doors in a high contrast living room featured on lonny magazine | via coco+kelley

I wish they had a shot of those ‘barn’ doors (can you even call them that when they look so fancied up?) because I’ve never seen them in that style before! Overall, the living room actually has a lot of basics, but it’s the accessories that turn things up a notch with playful pillows, striped ottomans and these bold table lamps.

glam eclectic dining room featured on lonny magazine |via coco+kelley

Upstairs in the hall, a return to the grasscloth, but with a punch of wallpaper on the ceiling! There is never a missed opportunity for pattern in this home, that’s for sure. Even the stairs and hallway rug add to the mix. For color, this might be my favorite moment in the house – both because it’s unexpected and warm.

wallpapered ceiling and grasscloth walls with moroccan rug in hallway landing  featured on lonny magazine | via coco+kelley

The girl’s room also has a unique wall treatment, but it’s not exactly wallpaper…

fresh girls room with mixed prints and floral art featured on lonny magazine | via coco kelley

fresh girls room with mixed prints and floral art wall installation featured on lonny magazine | via coco kelley

What feels like a thousand faux florals blanket the walls of this super fun bedroom! You’ll notice again the eclectic mix of patterns in the bedding, headboard and rug. What a bright and cheerful space to call your own! The adjoined bathroom is just as cheerful too…

bumblebee print wallpaper and curtains in the bath featured on lonny magazine | via coco kelley

Ok, so I lied. THIS might be my favorite room in the house! The colors and scale in the wallpaper and fabric are so fantastic and fresh at the same time! Naturally, you have to pair these bees with honeycomb tiles and a chic navy vanity.

high contrast bedroom with dramatic canopy bed and dark walls featured on lonny magazine | via coco kelley

The masted bedroom serves as a bit of a visual retreat from the rest of the house with more subdued colors and less pattern, but still every bit as fabulous.

classic meets fresh girly glam with this bedroom set up  featured on lonny magazine | via coco+kelley

And the master closet? Well, it’s every bit as exquisite as you would hope it would be! If my dressing room made you envious, this one with throw you into fits.

bright dressing room closet with palm wallpaper featured on lonny magazine | via coco kelley

So much space! And light! I love all the little sections – it feels like you’re in a boutique. I think I’d enjoy having all my ‘dress up’ clothes in one area, the basics in another, perhaps sorted by season…

bright dressing room closet with palm wallpaper featured on lonny magazine | via coco kelley

And of course a floating island for shoes and accessories. Of course. 

So what say you my friends? Are you swooning just as much as I am over this home? Which room is your favorite? They’re all so unique! If you’re dying to get the look, or at least add a few of these accents, here’s how we’d do it!

get the look - an eclectic glam home in austin with wallpapered walls and no fear of pattern | via coco+kelley

1. chandelier | 2. katie kime wallpaper | 3. black bamboo dining room chairs| 4. acrylic bar cart | 5. pink overdyed rug | 6. striped ottoman pouf | 7. faux fox fur throw | 8. yellow patterned quilt | 9. splatter paint pillow| 10.  brass shade pendant

What I find so interesting about this house is that overall it feels really cohesive, but more because of its playful attitude than a singular style. Certainly, every room has a bit of traditional glamour to it, but the abundance of color and prints and mix of styles make it hard to define! The elements we pulled out here are just the beginning!

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for complete story, please visit lonny magazine


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Hosting a party during the holidays means planning recipes that will please everyone. So, this season we’re taking it back to the basics and serving up simple, classic winter cocktails that are sure to appease the pickiest guests. Aside from flavor profile, presentation is everything! It can be difficult to determine which type of glassware is best suited for a specific cocktail. Not to worry, we’ve created this recipe guide to help you prepare for your party in a snap.

a roundup of classic cocktail recipes and glassware on coco+kelley | the french 75

First up, an elegant and easy cocktail (plus, one of my personal favorites), the French 75.

French 75 // serves 1

  • 1 oz Cognac (while I typically prefer V.S.O.P, I opted for Conjure on a whim because of the packaging, ha!)
  • 1 oz. simple syrup
  • ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
  • Champagne
  • lemon peel, for garnish

Shake the cognac, lemon juice and sugar with ice. Strain into a flute and top with champagne. Garnish each flute with a lemon peel.

a roundup of classic cocktail recipes and glassware on coco+kelley | the white russian

Despite being served on the rocks, this cocktail always reminds me of winter and cooler weather. The rich and smooth cream, mixed with coffee liquor are a little indulgence that everyone will want to try.

White Russian // serves 1

  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz. Kahlua
  • 1 oz. heavy cream

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker and mix until well combined. Serve over a large ice cube in a highball glass.

a roundup of classic cocktail recipes and glassware on coco+kelley | the affogato speciale

This traditional Italian dessert drink will be the talk of your party. Affogato translates into “drowned” and that’s exactly what happens to the silky gelato in this after-dinner delight. Covered in a hot shot of espresso and boozy amaretto mixed with stout, you can skip the desert and serve this grown-up float instead. I’m pretty sure your guests won’t mind!

Affogato Speciale // serves 1

  • 1 scoop vanilla gelato
  • 2 oz. Amaretto
  • 1 (2 oz.) shot espresso
  • 6 oz. chocolate stout
  • orange rind, for garnish

Place ice cream in a tall glass. Pour liqueur, espresso, and stout over top. Garnish with an orange rind, and serve with a spoon.

our guide to classic holiday cocktail recipes and what glassware to pair them with | via coco+kelley

 1. champagne flutes | 2. citrus peeler | 3. cocktail napkins  4. lowball glasses | 5. ice mold tray | 6. decanter tag | 7. pilsner glasses | 8. ice cream scoop | 9. long spoons

a roundup of classic cocktail recipes and glassware on coco+kelley | the hot toddy

With winter and the holidays comes snow. Warm your guests up with a Hot Toddy! It’s a relatively healthy and flavorful cocktail that has been around for hundreds of years. Be sure to purchase a quality alcohol since this is more of a sipping drink.

Hot Toddy // serves 1

  • 2 oz. Brandy, Dark Rum, or Single-Malt Scotch Whiskey
  • 1 tsp. honey or agave
  • 1 large lemon wedge

Prepare a snifter by rinsing it with boiling water and pouring the water out. Add the honey or agave and the lemon wedge. Pour in one ounce of hot water and stir until the sweetener has completely dissolved. Add the spirits and top it off with another ounce or two of boiling water. Stir and garnish with a lemon wedge.

a roundup of classic cocktail recipes and glassware on coco+kelley | the sidecar

I love the look of Sidecars! If you’re willing to spend a little more time on presentation, this is your official party drink this season. I have to admit, they taste even better than they look. Sugar the rims of your glassware prior to guests arriving; this will speed your preparation and allow you more time outside of the kitchen to socialize.

Sidecar // serves 1

  • 1 ½ oz. Cognac
  • ¾ oz. Cointreau
  • ½ oz. fresh lemon juice

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a sugared rim cocktail glass (a martini glass works best). Garnish with an orange peel.

a roundup of classic cocktail recipes and glassware on coco+kelley | classic eggnog

Last but not least, you can’t host a holiday party without eggnog! I’ve learned not to mess with the classic recipe. This cloud-like frothy and festive drink is a wintertime favorite that I crave every year. Making a big batch is a no brainer and creates less serving time for you. Pour the cocktail into a punch bowl and allow guests to ladle their own portions. Don’t forget to leave out cinnamon and nutmeg for a delicious garnish.

Classic Egg Nog // serves 10 – 12

  • 8 large eggs, separated
  • ¼ cup packed dark brown sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1 cup Brandy
  • 1 cup Dark Rum
  • 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • freshly ground nutmeg or cinnamon

In a large bowl, whisk egg yolks, brown sugar, and salt until thickened and pale in color, 2 to 3 minutes. Whisk in cream and milk, followed by the brandy, rum, and vanilla. In a separate large, clean bowl, whip egg whites with an electric mixer on medium speed until soft peaks form, about 2 minutes. Gradually add granulated sugar and continue whipping until firm, glossy peaks form, 1 to 2 minutes longer. Transfer cream mixture to a large serving bowl and fold in egg whites with a rubber spatula. Ladle portions into glasses and sprinkle with freshly ground nutmeg or cinnamon.

our guide to classic holiday cocktail recipes and what glassware to pair them with | via coco+kelley

1. cocktail glasses |2. honey dipper stick | 3. linen cocktail napkins | 4. martini glasses | 5. gold sugar rim (!!) | 6. cocktail shaker | 7. ladle  | 8. cocktail napkin | 9. snowflake brandy glass

Which recipe would you be most likely to try? Any favorites I should add to the list? Good luck planning and preparing for the holidays! I hope this can help alleviate a little stress for you.

xo, Sarah

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photography by sarah gibson for coco+kelley // recipes from vintage cocktails and winter cocktails


  1. Michelle

    Some of my favorites here and they are photographed so beautifully! I think I might have a French 75 this eve to honor France (though I make mine with gin, maybe that’s another number like French 94 or something?).

  2. Laura

    Every year, I say I’m gonna give eggnog another try. And every year, I chicken out (or just forget). So that’s it – this year I’m putting my foot down and finally doing it! It just looks so good in pictures that I’m determined to make myself like it for some reason.

    By the way, I always thought a white Russian was just milk and vodka. Not sure where I “learned” that, but now at least I understand the appeal (because milk and vodka sounds totally digusting!)

    1. Cassandra LaValle

      Ew, milk and vodka does sound totally disgusting! The White Russian is delish! Eggnog is a bit much for me, but I’m always sure to at least have a few sips during the holidays! Each of these is worth a try!

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