Now that our dining room makeover is (somewhat) complete, I’ve started filing away inspiration for the rest of the house. On the top of my list? Leigh Herzig‘s West Hollywood home

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

First off – I love California architecture like this, it reminds me of growing up in LA, so when I saw the outside of the house, I was already in love. But as for the inspiration…

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

This room is where it’s at. Rustic woods, black and white accents, a refined global feel, and what happens to be one of my most favorite chandeliers (I really wanted this one for the dining room but it was too big – and not exactly on budget!).
Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

I love the built-in shelves and cabinets on either side of the fireplace too. We need more open display areas like that. The addition of the acrylic and nickel bar cart is a nice touch to add just a hint of glamour. I love those leather chairs for their mix of masculine / feminine.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, the entire house is just as amazing.

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

The other living space is also right up my alley, style wise. Mostly I just want to steal those woven chairs, though. The windows throughout the home are also just perfection. All that natural light everywhere!

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

Hello gorgeous kitchen. Hello airy dining room. The mix of materials throughout the house is really just on point. And all the doors leading outside! Such a California thing to design around that indoor / outdoor lifestyle where really your outdoors is just an extension of the home.

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

And when your outside looks like this, why wouldn’t you??

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

Sidenote – I’ve been trying to convince a client lately that butterfly chairs can be chic. Case in point.

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

And then – finally – the bedroom. A serene escape if I’ve ever seen one…

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

Leigh Herzig's refined rustic hollywood home | via coco+kelley

I won’t lie – getting this look on a budget isn’t easy. When you decorate so precisely, and a bit more on the sparse side, every piece matters even more. But here’s how I’d do it…

get the look - refined + rustic | coco+kelley

1. circa choros chandelier // 2. modern teak woven dining chair // 3. kuba cloth pillow // 4. belly baskets // 5. acrylic bar cart // 6. black + gold  accent mirror// 7. reclaimed wood dresser // 8. ikea rug

There are a few keys here to this look – one is rustic and organic elements, but the other is keeping thing refined, which is why the addition of a little drama – like the chandelier, bar cart or mirror – is totally necessary. The textiles are also essential in adding some visual interest! Remember when you’re hunting for affordable pieces to mimic the look that it’s more about the materials than anything. So, if that chandelier is out of reach, do what we did and find another piece that mimics that black and brass combo, like this.

photography by laure joliet for remodelista


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A few years back, when I lived a mere two blocks from a small lake, I used to get together with fellow friends and creatives at a path around the waterfront. We took advantage of the three mile loop to walk and brainstorm around whatever struggles we had been going through, to scheme up new ideas on ways to work together or with others, and – of course – to trade the usual coffee shop or after-work-cocktail environment for fresh air, scenery and exercise.

REI for CK017

Since then, I’ve become a bit lax on taking my meetings outdoors, so with the binge of sunshine we’ve been having lately, I decided it was high time to get a little group together for a Friday morning at the park…

REI for CK001

On the agenda? Roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, grab our coffee (of course) and go!

REI for CK002

REI for CK012

One of my favorite spots in Seattle is the Olympic Sculpture Park. It has it all – waterfront paths that wind up towards the city or down towards the park, art (in the form of sculptures – duh) and scenic views from pretty much any standpoint. It was the perfect place for us to settle in for a few hours and do some creative scheming…

REI for CK009

REI for CK006

If you know Seattle, you know our love of not only the outdoors, but outdoor gear. It’s pretty common to see city dwellers popping up their camping chairs at the park or beach, but – to be perfectly honest – that’s never really been my style. I’m more of a blanket and picnic basket type of gal myself. However, when REI came out with their evrgrn line earlier this month (yes, it’s pronounced evergreen), I knew I had met my match in form, function and style.

REI for CK013

So, naturally, I had to show it off to my friends – and put it to good use!

REI for CK015

My favorite piece might be this pop-up bamboo table which made the perfect spot for fresh squeezed juice and pastries. The fact that it’s all portable and easy to pack up means I can throw it in my car for impromptu picnics, and easily store and carry it around.

REI for CK018

REI for CK014

With the table set, the fresh air and sunshine were just what we needed to clear our heads of emails and deadlines and simply enjoy each other’s company while chatting about work and life…


With a beautiful view, a comfy chair, and this set up, who’d want to get back to the office? Not us. Our promise of ‘just a couple of hours to spare’ quickly turned into nearly half the day. Crazy what happens when you get outside and make the time, right? I find that more often than not that’s the case for me. Everything that seemed so important or urgent at the office melts away and perspective settles in a bit more when I’m outside enjoying life.

REI for CK008

Of course, all good things must end and at some point we agreed that it was time to pack it all up, but I think we had each realized how relaxing – and vital – it was to get out of the office to really connect with each other. To me these kinds of days are essential to staying creative and focused. Not to mention I actually felt recharged and ready for the weekend!

Do you do something similar with friends or fellow entrepreneurs or creatives in your field? I’d love to hear the ways in which you might be taking time away from the office or disconnecting in order to reconnect with the things that are most important.

This post sponsored by REI. All thoughts and opinions my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support coco+kelley! Thanks to my friends Jess Chamberlain, Danielle Bellert and Bryan Otis for joining me on this shoot! Photography by Belathee


  1. Stefanie

    ahh I love this. Living in NYC it can be difficult to get yourself to a park and set something like this up, but once you’re there it’s complete bliss. Taking a meeting in a park is such a complete reprieve from the crazy hustle and bustle of city life! Maybe this weekend….



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Some of you may remember a little over a year ago we started hosting a casual Supper Club in our studio with my friend and chef JJ Proville.  Well, I don’t know where the first four months of the year have gone, but life for both of us has been so busy that we hadn’t had a chance to throw another one… until now!



This was our last party – waaaaaaay back in November. A cozy affair that was much more minimal, decorated with lots of cafe lights and glowing candles…


And plenty of cocktails to warm us up.




No matter what the season, however, Jonathan still seems to be able to serve up a meal with the freshest ingredients from local farmers markets, and plenty of PNW seafood as a part of his signature style…




As for me? I’m happy to play hostess, as always. If you’re in the city, come join us on Saturday May 30th for our next dinner! Tickets always sell out fast, so get them here soon.

Want to be on our mailing list so you’re the first to know about our next Supper Club? Sign up here.

photography by meghan klein

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Well, I suppose that compared to a few of my fellow designers, my reveal is not AS huge – we’ve been showing you quite a bit behind the scenes (maybe next time I need to be more of a tease?), but let me tell you this: a little styling goes a long way in transforming and finishing off a space.

So, without further ado…

bohemian global style dining room with blue walls // coco+kelley

Ta dah! Do I need to remind you of the before images?? (Let’s just not talk about it. Too traumatic.) If you’re just dropping by for the first time, feel free to visit them though – it’s been quite the transformation.

The backstory is – I moved in with my boyfriend in February and this is the first room that we’ve tackled together in the house…

woven chairs and wood dining table with mud cloth runner // coco+kelley

aubergine and orange florals on a mud cloth runner in the dining room // coco+kelley

The challenges: creating a space that was family friendly (he has a 7-year-old daughter), warm, and of course – spoke to both our tastes. Oh, and a budget. Duh. These chairs were one of the first additions to the room, and really set the tone for me. They were also the biggest budget item and totally worth it.

art wall and marble console styling in the dining room // coco+kelley

dining room console styling // coco+kelley

You’ll remember that my inspiration for the space was what I called ‘Polished Global‘. A fusion of artifacts from our travels, J’s already existing dining room table, and my need for some more refined moments… like this console. (I got my marble!)

dining room makeover for the one room challenge // coco+kelley

Things we didn’t expect: the rug didn’t arrive in time for the shoot, but I rather like the plethora of wood – for the moment at least. Also, I knew how much the paint and a new chandelier could change the room, but WOAH. Seriously. These two made a huge impact.

fresh global style in this dining room makeover // coco+kelley

one room challenge makeover console styling // via coco+kelley

One of my biggest ‘complaints’ about moving in to the new house has been the lack of display space – and now we finally have some! Originally we thought we’d be using the console to store table linens, but we couldn’t find one that we liked, so I pulled the trigger on this marble piece and now it will serve the sole purpose of housing current favorite treasures.

art wall and console styling // coco+kelley

I was surprised at how easily the art wall came together between both of our collections. The mask is my favorite!! I love the dimension. And of course my Jennifer Ament pieces.

This morning J asked if all this ‘stuff’ was staying. I think the confused look on my face said it all. I’m used to having a very styled home – he is not. We’re working on it!

console styling with ceramics // coco + kelley

The little cup with the blue swirls was a piece we picked up together on a trip to Orcas Island last fall for my birthday. It makes me endlessly happy to be able to start to display some of the very few things we’ve bought together.

dining room with warm wood and blue walls, and textiles // coco+kelley

And yes, in case your wondering, I’ll continue to show you the rest of the updates around the house – challenge or no challenge! What’s next? Why that lovely living room you’re getting a little peek into of course. Starting with a paint job and a new sofa… then comes the kitchen… (the designing never ends!) 

I’m sure most of you haven’t followed every second of this One Room Challenge, so if you want to start from the beginning, go here to get the full story step-by-step, and don’t forget to visit all the rest of the designers below to see their reveals!

Jana Bek * Autumn Clemons * The English Room * Vanessa Francis * Greige Design * Hi Sugarplum * I Heart Organizing * Jenna Sue Design * Stephanie Kraus * The Pursuit of Style * Julia Ryan * Savvy Home  * Simple Details * Simply Grove * 6th Street Design * Jill Sorensen * Swoon Worthy * Waiting on Martha * Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

A huge thanks to Linda at Calling it Home for including me in The One Room Challenge this time around, and for all her organizing and wrangling! This was such a fun process – one I hope to do again! 

sponsored sources :: valspar paint in prussian cadet // minted large scale art // serena & lily dining chairs // west elm chandelier // loom decor roman shades // additional sources :: artwork by jennifer ament // west elm console // photography :: meghan klein 

61 responses on “ONE ROOM CHALLENGE – THE REVEAL!!!

  1. stephanie

    I love all of the texture in this space. Isn’t texture just everything?? Also the wall color is perfect. LOVE this space. Amazing!

  2. autumn

    that wall color and light fixture are perfection! i love how edited and elegant the room looks, and your styling is to die for!

  3. sherry hart

    Beautiful room. I think you achieved your “polished global” style and more! Love how simple and uncluttered it is yet there is a definite curated feel to the accessories. Great job and looking forward to seeing more of your changes to this place!

  4. Tim@DesignMaze

    What a transformation! I love that shade of blue you picked and it works so well with the wood tone now! can’t believe these are the same dining table and bench … the new chairs and chandelier totally revamped the way they look and feel! That pop of green from the fiddle leaf is perfect against the blue! LOVE!!

  5. Kate Collins

    I love this! It’s a wonderful fusion of both your styles that created a very cohesive look. The chairs, wall color, chandelier – everything – it’s all fantastic!! Great job!

  6. Kristen

    You pulled off “polished global” to a T! It looks fabulous even without the rug (although I’m looking forward to seeing the rug in place as well). I love the art gallery you pulled together from both of your collections – it’s eclectic but also very streamlined. Great work compromising between the masculine and feminine. I also love that table runner – is it simply fabric you draped or is it an actual runner? More importantly, where did you get it?! Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the house!

  7. Pam @ Simple Details

    Beautiful!! That rich color on the walls is such a gorgeous background for everything! Love the texture of your chairs, the fab chandelier and your spot on styling! I was thinking I should have shown more instead of being such a tease, LOL!

  8. Albertina || Mimosa Lane

    I love the color of the wall and the gallery wall. What a beautiful transformation! And your styling is exactly perfect. I can just envision such wonderful times shared here. Congratulations! You are so talented.

  9. Carrie

    Amazing!! I’m loving the polished global look. That wall color is outstanding and is perfect with all of the other choices. Something somewhere in my life is getting painted Prussian Cadet. I can’t wait to see what you do in the living room; from this little glimpse, all the buttery coral seems so warm against the cool, moody dining room.

  10. Jana

    It looks fantastic – even sans rug! the light fixture is perfection & the gallery wall is beautifully curated! What a transformation!!

  11. Laurie S

    Ooooo – LOVE the outcome – so fabulous! I was for the wood dining table from the start, but glad you got some marble into the room. Love the wall color, too.

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      Well, I don’t know what you expected if you’ve been following along the whole time! This is a real room, done on a real budget with 6 weeks to plan, sooooo… BYE!

  12. Shavonda@SGStyle

    Umm I kinda love this beyond words!!! So So good. The textures are fabulous. and I adore the mudcloth table runner. Congrats on a wonderful space.

  13. Carrie

    I think it looks great and manages to be both stylish and very Seattle (polished, earthy). You mentioned early on that your boyfriend was attached to a gallery wall of family photos. Where did you move those? Are you planning on incorporating a few family pics elsewhere?

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      Hey Carrie, thank you! We’re going to move the gallery wall of family photos to the hallway that leads to our bedrooms – I’m SURE that will be a whole other post! I have a feeling we may add some family images to other areas as well as we start to design – I would like to have a few in the living room area!

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  15. Brooke

    I looooove the table runner. Would you be willing to let us know where you found that? 😉 What a beautiful room – I’m in the process of figuring out what to do with my SUPER BORING dining room.

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  18. Shannon

    Gorgeous! Your boyfriend’so comment and your reply seriously cracked me up.

    Where did you get the bench?


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Now that spring has sprung on both sides of the coast, what better way to celebrate its arrival than with a recipe celebrating its bounty? When Cassandra and I were discussing what sort of seasonal dish to cook up, the conversation quickly turned to rhubarb: spring’s produce darling.

challah french toast with basil rhubarb compote and honey ricotta // via coco+kelley

Nothing screams spring, warmth, and emerging sun to me quite as loud as brunch, and naturally, french toast was the first thing that came to mind. Combine that with the thought of rhubarb, and the idea for french toast drenched in an herby, tangy rhubarb compote was born.

Truth be told, I’m a rhubarb rookie, and was a little bit intimidated by the thick, rosy stalks. But, the compote came together in just minutes, and adding a handful of fresh, aromatic leaves like mint or basil, made it really special. We also topped off each piece with a dallop of honeyed ricotta for some creaminess.

challah french toast with basil rhubarb compote and honey ricotta // via coco+kelley

One last little bit of honesty: french toast isn’t really french toast unless it’s made with a nice, thick cut piece of fluffy bread. We used challah, which absorbs the batter and crisps up beautifully with a touch of butter. Treat yourself to every decadent bite – you deserve it for braving the winter.

French Toast with Honey Ricotta and Basil Compote // serves 4

Rhubarb Compote

  • 4 cups diced rhubarb
  • 1 ½ cups diced strawberries
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • A handful of basil leaves, coarsely chopped*

Begin by dicing the strawberries and rhubarb  into ½ inch pieces. In the same pot that you’ll cook in, cover the fruit with sugar and vanilla. Stir and allow fruit to macerate for 10-15 minutes. Cook the mixture over medium high heat until bubbling. Reduce heat to medium and continue cooking until the compote is smooth and thick. Remove from heat, and add in basil. Allow the compote to cool down slightly, and discard the basil leaves before serving.

challah french toast with basil rhubarb compote and honey ricotta // via coco+kelley

Honey Vanilla Ricotta

  • 10 oz ricotta
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp honey

Mix all ingredients together gently and refrigerate until serving.

Challah French Toast

  • 8 thick slices of challah bread
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 cup  whole milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1⁄4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 2 tbsp butter

challah french toast with basil rhubarb compote and honey ricotta // via coco+kelley

Set your oven to 200F. Mix the ingredients for the batter and distribute into a wide, shallow bowl or a lipped plate. Allow the slices of challah to soak in the batter on both sides. In a large pan,  heat a tablespoon of butter over medium high heat and cook the french toast until nicely browned, about 2 minutes on each side. Transfer the french toast to a plate or a tray and place in the oven while you prepare the second batch. Serve warm, topped with honey-ricotta and rhubarb compote.

challah french toast with basil rhubarb compote and honey ricotta // via coco+kelley

*Note: We tried this recipe with both basil and mint, and both were delicious! 
photography :: meghan klein for coco+kelley  // recipe :: natasha snowden


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