Whenever I’m in a bit of a design funk, I turn my sights away from residential interiors and look for inspiration elsewhere: namely hospitality design. Spaces that aren’t meant to be lived in are ‘allowed’ to take a bit more risk, and therefore are way more interesting!

And since I’m gathering ideas for our studio space and my kitchen remodel, I figured restaurant design details would be a good place to start looking!

idea to steal: geometric caging over basic pendants |coco+kelley #inthedetails

Every time I go to Ikea I get another idea for a cool hack, but this one may be on the top of my list. These pendants are awesome! Not to be overlooked – that wood bar pattern. Another really cool DIY idea for your own home if you’re into that style.

How to use it in your own home: Buy a basic pendant and then ask someone who is way craftier than you to make these awesome wood geo surrounds.  Or figure out a way to cram one into one of these. The point is – take something simple and add a detail that makes it all your own.

create triangle shapes with plywood and 2x4, then paint! |coco+kelley #inthedetails

Plywood is the new black these days. Affordable and easily accessible, hipsters and designers are using it by the cartful. While I’m a bit over the look myself, I do like how a little ply and some basic 2×4’s created this triangle pattern throughout the space. Better yet, I love the way they’ve painted some of them in.

How to use it in your own home: Consider this as a facade for a wall treatment or kitchen island! These materials are easy to get at any hardware store.

corner wrap around shelves for plants (with a watering system!) |coco+kelley #inthedetails

I am alllllll about the corner decor. I’ve seen some really cool stuff (like wrap around neon lettering and art walls) but this is a super simple one for those of us who are less ambitious and like our greens. The key to this is the random placement which makes it feel fun and fresh. Bonus points if you work in a watering system like they’ve done here!

How to use it in your own home: Get some basic shelving materials (planks and brackets) and then have them cut to your specifications. Some short, some long, and some cut to an angle where they can meet to wrap around a corner or two. I’d love this in a bathroom!

mixing materials - wood, tin and glass industrial style |coco+kelley #inthedetails

This one’s for the remodelistas! If you’re considering some interesting finishing options for your own home, this one shot has plenty of food for thought. I’ve always loved those old tin ceiling tiles for their decorative nature, and they look beautiful here, but what’s really genius is that they’re kept behind glass casing to keep ’em clean and dust-free. I’ve also seen people do this with wallpaper in the kitchen. Then there’s that hit of herringbone wood, and the cool floor all in this industrial space. So, basically, I’m dying.

How to use it in your own home: Realistically, this look is pretty specific. But, again, think about mixing materials in your kitchen island. Visit salvage stores to find antique materials, and mix it with some industrial moments to achieve the overall style.

penny tiles from floor to counter!  |coco+kelley #inthedetails

This one might be my favorite of the bunch – I am currently obsessed with penny tile. Everywhere. I love how they’ve wrapped it all the way up the counter in this cool restaurant, but the greens are also essential to making it feel fresh instead of cold!

How to use it in your own home: Anywhere you’d consider tile, consider this! Wrap the penny tile up the sides of your bathroom walls, or entryway! Think of it as an alternate to the ever-popular subway tile for the kitchen. And better yet, you can get crafty with patterns! Check out this post for a few ideas to get you started.

images ::  style files // dezeen // travel rumors // houzz // trendland


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Layered textiles, loads of plantlife, and worn woods are the building blocks to bohemian style. But recently, I’ve noticed one more twist: The dark bohemian.

dark bohemian corner with layered textiles and plants | via coco+kelley

Ok, so this corner might be a bit over-dramatic, but it’s the perfect example of what I’m talking about. Layers, and layers, and layers of textiles. Wall hangings. Plants. See? Quintessential bohemian, with a dark twist.

layered textiles bohemian vibes living room | via coco+kelley

My new fascination with this style started with this living room moment. I love the styling – a great mix of textiles on the sofa and a huge rug, some mid-century modern moments, and eclectic art.

dark floors and kitchen with bohemian eclectic styling in the dining room | via coco+kelley

Wanna bring this look into the dining room? Set the tone with black floors (gorgeous) and plenty of wood and leather. If you really want to go for it, throw shearling or other textiles over the chairs too.

fresh bohemian layers dark paint bedroom | via coco+kelley

If you’re a little too type A to be a total boho babe (me) then consider this look – fresh and styled, but still nice and layered… and dark, of course. I love the way the macrame pops on that wall!

bohemian nursery style - jamie street | via coco+kelley

Oh yes. And then there’s the boho babe. If you’re lucky enough to find an amazing crib like this one, by all means style your nursery accordingly!

And here’s how we’d get the look!


1. bamboo pendant // 2. dark macrame wall hanging // 3. ‘bridal rug’ settee // 4. black cabinet // 5. woven pillow with tassels // 6. hmong pillow // 7. indigo floor cushion // 8. vintage wicker chair // 9. woven leather rag rug

The key to this look is to balance the dark with light, and make sure you’ve got plenty of texture too. I love the wicker chair for this purpose! It lightens things up nicely. And how amazing is that sofa?!? Seriously. That and the black cabinet are on my permanent wishlist.

Also, there’s got to be true vintage mixed in with the new to keep things feeling authentic, which is why I love those old textiles made new in pillows and floor cushions. Need a few more pieces of inspiration? Check these out…

images :: dark corner via unknown //  living room via nest together //  bedroom via rue magazine // dining room via milk // nursery via 100 layer cake-let

4 responses on “GET THE LOOK :: DARK BOHEMIAN

  1. Heather P.

    I keep hearing that it gets dark and cloudy here in Seattle, so I can’t wait for that to happen so I can start to experiment with this kind of look more! I love how deep and cozy it all is!

    But alas, it’s bright, sunny, and HOT today. Nothing cozy about that. 😉


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I’ve been so bad lately at putting together our favorite links and loves from the week, but I’m trying to get back into a routine around here now that summer is (sob!) almost over.

The days have been flying by lately so I’m making a point to slow everything down this weekend, and this was the perfect excuse to spend a few hours doing what I love the most – seeking inspiration! Hope you love these finds!


1 // There are some seriously beautiful (and bold!) moments in this house tour featured on Rue. Check the whole thing out for inspiration on color, balance, and immaculate styling.

2 // This is one insanely luxe vanity mirror. I love the modern meets glamorous lines… better start saving my pennies!

3 // You guys. GO BUY THESE NOW. I posted them last year in our gift guides and they sold out super fast. These brass holders are perfect for displaying little mementos or your favorite instagram print outs. I just ordered the whole set.

4 // Joy the Baker describes this concoction as candy for grown ups. Strawberry Watermelon Lime Juice – with or without tequila – sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer to me!

5 // This weekend is all about finding some inspiration and direction for the next steps in decorating and remodeling our home, and these stairs are high on my list for the hallway!

6 // I am obsessed with the chain on this bucket bag. I usually hate chain straps, but this woven metal is just gorgeous. Just deciding whether I want it in the black or the tan leather…

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My obsession with this Room of the Week started with this dining room…

modern cabin dining room with exposed wood brick and leather | via coco+kelley

When we were designing our own, I had this on my board for inspiration. I loved the mix of materials – leather, wood, painted brick – and that black and white rug. I admired the fact that even though there’s a lot going on here (check out the strange mix of windows, where the brick leaves off, even the roof line) that it somehow feels calm and seamless.

So, since I’m revisiting some design plans for the house this weekend, I thought I’d look up the rest of this home to see what inspiration it had to offer…

modern rustic living room with exposed beams and red white and black decor | via coco+kelley

And as it turns out – there’s plenty! This is the living room adjoining the dining area (see it back there?) which lends a little insight into where that brick is coming from – a beautiful firplace that stretches all the way up into the loft and eaves. I’m not usually one to be a fan of red (it’s not very relaxing to me) and quite honestly, I would have never thought to put red in a home so full of exposed warm wood, but somehow (perhaps it’s the addition of so much white?) it works.

The patchwork of rugs are also certainly helping the cause.

modern rustic living room with exposed beams and red white and black decor | via coco+kelley

While the seating is a bit too modern for my taste, in such a rustic setting, I suppose it’s a nice balance?  The main dining room is much more style though…

modern rustic dining room with brick fireplace and herringbone floors | via coco+kelley

modern rustic dining room with brick fireplace | via coco+kelley

And can we talk about that tile floor? I’ve been struggling with what kind of wood to put in the kitchen when we remodel, and this definitely has me considering a different direction! And that huge rug under the dining table is perfection.

modern rustic kitchen with wood cabinets and mixed materials | via coco+kelley

Again, another well-done mix of materials here – I love when a backsplash goes all the way up the wall!

images :: via architectural digest

5 responses on “ROOM OF THE WEEK 8.13

  1. Sylvie

    I love a backsplash all the way up the wall as well. My dream would be a bathroom with fully tiles walls too!!

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While August is the time of year when I try to extend every last summer day as long as possible, my thoughts have already turned to fall nesting and decorating at the house. Which, I guess, is perfect timing, because fall collections are starting to arrive, and there is some REALLY GOOD STUFF out there right now!!

So good, in fact, we had to do a little roundup of our favorites just to share them with you. (I also threw in some new Etsy shops that I’m loving right now too!)

coco kelley top home decor picks for fall!

1. stripe steven alan sofa // 2. striped lounge chair // 3. leather director’s chair // 4. dot grid rug // 5. metal lounge chair // 6. code rug // 7. leather and brass leg bench

For those of you looking for a bigger addition to a room, there are some gorgeous seating options out there at the moment. The trend is leaning masculine as home design has veered away from glamour towards more global and bohemian styles – which means more natural wood and interesting textiles. But, that doesn’t mean feminine influences have lost their place in the pack – after all, a home needs balance! Pale pinks and curved silhouettes with more polished details like that stunning bench are just what one needs to round things out.

coco kelley top home decor picks for fall!

1. mini desk or vanity // 2. marble topped nightstand // 3. ‘shroom’ side table // 4. rose gold cocktail tables // 5. marble and wood coffee table // 6. patterned ceramic stool // 7. marble and brass coffee table // 8. modern teak nightstand

Sometimes just adding a new surface or two to a room can refresh the whole thing – especially if it’s as striking as these coffee tables! The trend here is obvious – marble marble everywhere! Perhaps not the most practical (or light) but definitely gorgeous. My personal favorites are the mini desk that could be used for a sweet vanity, the marble and wood coffee table (I like how the base is open!), and that bottom nightstand that I’m seriously considering adding to our bedroom. I would put a big basket under it for magazines!

coco kelley top home decor picks for fall!

1. pair of art pieces // 2. leather & brass floating frame // 3. mudcloth pillow // 4. wood & metal hooks // 5. bronze & marble desk lamp // 6. gemstone cutting board // 7. painted wood candleholders

Accessories are where I tend to go more bespoke in the home. It’s such an affordable way to add character and unique pieces! So, lately I’ve been hunting a lot more on Etsy for unique resources, like this great shop for pillows, or this one for really cool rope & macrame art. There are so many, I couldn’t squeeze them on here, but I’ll do a roundup for those next month. In the meantime, everything here is calling my name! I have a feeling you might see a few of these items pop up in my home (or office!) very soon…

See all these favorites and more in our shop where we’re always featuring our favorite picks for the home. 


  1. Kate Bailey

    Totally loving the marble tables and the His & Her. There was definitely a strong amount of masculine energy on the runways for fall. Love the juxtaposition of materials and finishes. We have a few predictions on the blog this week translating fall fashion trends into your rooms!


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