I have long since waxed poetic on the use of blues in the home. But sometimes it takes a fashion trend to emerge for home brands to catch up on what we already know. If blue is chic, then powder blue takes it to a whole other unexpected level…

blue room with tufted velvet blue sofa and oversized sconces

And while there are many ways to ‘do’ this color in a home, I have to say I really love it most when it’s paired unexpectedly in a more glamorous situation, amongst black and white and gold. That rusty red is also a fabulous accent color with it.

graphic black room with baby blue chair

This blue chair has been a favorite of mine since blogging about it back in 2012. (YES, 2012.) Well, guess what? I found it right here. Think I can convince my guy that we need it?

bedroom with tufted blue settee and green accents

Apparently, I really have a thing for this blue when it’s tufted. Paired with fresh green and white certainly isn’t a bad place for it to be – I’ve always loved the preppy nature of this bedroom.

rikkisnyder blue kitchen cabinets

And neither is the back of a kitchen cabinet, as a totally unexpected pop color. Just be warned that when you go to use this hue on the walls you better  be doing a room that looks nothing like a nursery. Or it will look like a nursery. Better to err on the side of a french blue than baby blue.

Ready to give it a try? Take one of these well-designed pieces for a spin.


1. powder blue ‘harper’ chandelier // 2. blue acrylic floating wall shelf // 3. sky blue lounge chair // 4. french tumbler in blue // 5. baby blue panton-style chair // 6. blue linen tufted sofa // 7. blue tolix desk / 8. dipped blue milk stool

images :: yatzer // the design files // melanie turner via veranda // shot by rikki snyder 


  1. Alexandra

    I have the walls blue in one of my rooms but never thought of matching the walls’ blue with blue pieces of furniture. Anyway these ones presented here are lovely.

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With the unusual amount of warm days here in Seattle already, it’s hard to believe that Spring hasn’t really officially arrived yet – but we’re almost there! So for those of you – like me – who are ready to usher in the sunshine, we’ve got a cocktail to help you along your way…

Gin Berry Cocktail with Simply Berry // coco + kelley

Our friends at Simply Beverages recently added some new all-natural flavors to their lineup, just in time for us to enjoy in the coming seasons! The new line of Simply Juice Drinks includes Fruit Punch, Tropical and Mixed Berry – all made with simple ingredients. For spring, however, I thought berries were the most appropriate to work with when coming up with this yummy concoction! (They also happen to be my faaaaavorite…)

Gin Berry Cocktail with Simply Berry // coco + kelley

The best part is that with or without the booze, this combo of black tea and berry makes for a delightful sipper.

Gin Berry Cocktail with Simply Berry // coco + kelley

Gin Berry Tea // serves 6

  • 2 cups Simply Mixed Berry
  • 2 cups black tea, steeped and cooled
  • 1 cup gin
  • 2 cups fresh berries (we used blueberry, raspberry, strawberry)
  • 6 mint sprigs
  • 1 whole lemon

Honey Mint Simple Syrup (will make extra so you’ll have plenty on hand for future drinks!) 

  • ¾ cup sugar 
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 ½ cups mint leaves coarsely chopped
  • 6 tbsp lemon juice

Gin Berry Cocktail with Simply Berry // coco + kelley

Start by making the syrup: In a small saucepan, combine the sugar, honey water mint leaves and lemon juice over medium heat. Stir until all the sugar and honey is dissolved. Continue to simmer for two more minutes, remove from heat and cool.

Then, get your cocktail together! Muddle one cup of mixed berries and some fresh mint into a pitcher with a teeny bit of sugar and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Add a bit of ice, the juice, tea and honey mint syrup. Squeeze in half a fresh lemon, stir, and serve!

Gin Berry Cocktail with Simply Berry // coco + kelley

I love drinks that you can mix up in a pitcher – so much easier for large parties and groups!

Gin Berry Cocktail with Simply Berry // coco + kelley

I really love the way the tea mixes with the sweetness of the berries – it’s a perfect balance! And if you don’t want to do the honey syrup, I think it tastes just as good without it, but the mint really comes through nicely with it.

I have a feeling this drink will be finding its way into my weekend activities many times over this spring and summer!

This post sponsored by Simply Beverages. All content created by me for coco+kelley. 


  1. The Office Stylist

    This would totally hit the spot right now in this heat! I am a big fan of Simply Orange but definitely want to try the Mixed Berry one. By the way, where did you get the pitcher from? Love it.

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This weekend our design planning for the new house began to take shape. (In case you’re catching up on the news, I moved into my boyfriend’s home just a few weeks ago!) Of all the rooms in the house, I can already tell you that my favorite is going to be what I’m calling the breakfast nook.

wood and white breakfast nook

While its purpose will be much larger – I plan to have shelves for books and secondary table or built-in that will be our place for mail, calendars, etc. – the focus of the space is to have a secondary area for us to eat small meals, for the little one to do her homework, and for me to have a place for my laptop when I’m working from home.

breakfast nook via southern living

I haven’t yet decided if we’ll do a bench or not – I really want to. But regardless, the most fun part of putting together a little nook like this is the endless possibilities for pairing small tables and chairs together! And, because it’s not a main space, I get to be more playful in my selections!

breakfast nook pairings from coco kelley

Any obvious duo of course, won’t do. So I’ve dreamed up a few scenarios that would satiate my appetite for contrasting styles and unexpected pairings…


1. white drop chair + 2. jan showers lombard table // 3. blu dot copper ‘real good’ chair + 4. dwr white salt table // 5. ghost chair + 6. marble + wood dining table

I’m mildly obsessed with the adorable shape of the ‘drop’ chair – a more unique option to the egg chair with a much smaller footprint. I love the idea of it being paired with something traditional, but just as sweet and whimsical in it’s own way.

The benefit of a super simple table is that it allows for a chair that’s gone a bit more crazy with personality. And of course you can’t go wrong with a ghost chair matched with something a little more country.


1. upholstered coral ‘paige’ dining chair + 2. saarinen tulip table // 3. + 4. tolix dining table // 5. acrylic ‘parisienne’ chair + 6. crate & barrel bistro table

Perhaps my favorite pairing (which shouldn’t be a surprise) are these beautiful linen chairs with a modern Saarinen tulip table. If coral isn’t your thing, don’t worry – this line comes in many colors, as well as round backs too. And are a steal for the style.

Tone down industrial style tables with a super soft slipcovered chair whose lines are still clean. A  super modern take on cafe chair pairs well with a more classic bistro table while adding some unexpected style!


1. oliver chair + 2. copper table // 3. grassland stripe dining chair + 4. vienna bistro table // 5. jonathan adler rider dining chair + 6. vintage lucite  + glass table

Sometimes a girl just has to dream, and many of these pieces fall way outside our budget, but who cares? You never know when inspiration might serve for a really lucky vintage find at a local antique mall. In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of a few of these. Although, the combination of that tribal inspired chair with the cafe table really is the direction our home seems to be headed… I might just start saving my pennies for that one!

shop more pairing ideas here!

images :: original source unknown //  nest studio // style me pretty


  1. Deb

    Love all the choices but that marble topped wood table paired with a ghost chair is such a fun mix…and practical too with that top!


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After so much travel and fighting a cold, I sure am looking forward to a productive, but relaxing weekend at home with my guy. I’ve got some major unpacking to do, and we’re going to sit down and start making some redecorating plans, which you know has got me pumped!

A few other things I’m excited about right now too…


1 // SO many of you have asked when our next calligraphy workshop would be, and guess what? We’ve got one! Join the awesome Ashley Buzzy in our studio on Tuesday, April 21st! You can get your seats here, and you better to it fast because there about six spots remaining…

2 // One of the things from Morocco I wish I’d had room in my suitcase for were the gorgeous perforated lanterns I saw. If you’re lusting after this lighting too, check out this twist on a traditional pendant from (who’d have thought) Pottery Barn featuring this beautiful style.

3 // While I was away, my girl Camille Styles did a fun little profile on me and my BFF Erin from Apartment34. Did you know that we’ve known each other since 6th grade? Read up on more of our lifelong friendship in this sweet feature.

4 // I can’t stop thinking about tasseled heels since seeing them at the J.Crew show. I feel a DIY coming on…

5 // And speaking of getting crafty… any project that involves gilding + wood together has my stamp of approval. Totally gonna go to town on a few wood bowls this weekend.

6 // Campaign style furniture is my favorite and this new laquered collection at Anthropologie is literally killing me it’s so good. Dying to get my hands on one of these pieces for my new walk-in closet! What do you think… mint or yellow?? Or maybe the dark blue…

2 responses on “DULY NOTED :: 3.6

  1. Bee

    I’ve been looking for nightstands and love the campaign look. Got really excited about your Anthropologie find until I clicked over and saw the price. Yikes! Will just have to put the nightstands on my wishlist for now. On another note, walk-in closet? Lucky!


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While packing for my trip to Morocco, I had a bit of a style revelation.

Being required to dress in modest, loose clothing – not knowing what type of environments we might be in – and taking into account the vast change in temperature during the day, I was suddenly on the hunt for the perfect layering pieces.

In that search, I stumbled upon a couple new (and one old) favorite brands that I will absolutely be wearing this summer when our own temps finally start to rise…


Ilana Kohn out of NYC: many of her pieces could easily go from beach to city depending on how you style them.

My pick: An all-white jumpsuit for those brave enough to don it, dressed with heels and adorned with layers of chunky ethnic jewels for day-to-night style.


Ace & Jig: I’ve loved this brand based out of Brooklyn for quite some time – their patterns always give a bohemian vibe and the fabric is perfection. Their gorgeous textiles are woven in India.

My pick: Go with the caftan trend and don this short-sleeved version that is fitted just enough to not feel like you’re swimming in fabric. Head wrap optional (but damn does it look good!).


Hackwith: Based in Minneapolis, this boutique designer only produces 25 of each piece, making them an extra special addition to the wardrobe.

My pick: The Finn top – a perfect summer staple. Don’t miss the swim collection too – made for ladies in every shape and size.


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