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Travel :: We’re Off on a Mediterranean Cruise!

marbella spain via traveling mama

While we’re on the subject of being grateful for things… let’s talk about the fact that today I’m hopping a flight to Barcelona where I’ll take off on a week long Princess Cruise around the Mediterranean! HELLO! I’m so excited about this for about 20 reasons, the biggest of which is… I’ve never actually been on a cruise before. Have you? The […]

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  1. Sara

    Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona is gorgeous and you can’t miss the Spanish Steps in Rome or the rooftop bar in the Hotel Raphael.

  2. Jo

    So exciting! Wish I was on vacation right now…
    Have a great trip, I’m looking forward to read how it went!

  3. Teresa s.

    Hands down, my favorite thing in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. Yes it is another church, but it is SO unlike anything I have ever seen before! Spend the money and get the audio set, because it is absolutely fascinating (and we live here in Europe so we have been in a lot of beautiful churches). My second recommendation would be to wander down by the shore/port and then up into the Gothic part of the city. Especially in the evening time, it is absolutely charming, and they have the best seafood and tapas!

  4. Sharon

    This post made me look twice!! I’m also going on a Princess Cruise!!! But we don’t leave ’till June 17th and we go from Rome to Barcelona. I’ve been packing and shopping for weeks lol. Have fun!!!! ps. great minds think alike!

      1. Sharon

        Yes please! Take notes, any notes about things to do at night while on the boat or just on the boat in general would be extremely helpful. I’m going with a group (family) so I’m hoping no one is bored while we aren’t on land. Have a great time!!!!

  5. Taste of France

    Barcelona is wonderful. Eat tapas. See the Gaudi buildings. My favorite is la Pedrera or Casa Milà–and even better if you take in one of the intimate jazz concerts on the roof at sundown. I have salt and pepper shakers the shape of the iconic chimneys and coasters the shape of the hexagonal sidewalk tiles (Gaudi design) on Passeig de Gràcia.
    Be careful–Barcelona is the only place in the world (and I have been around) where somebody tried (and failed–I fought) to steal my bag. The El Born district north of the Barri Gotic has become very cool.
    In Rome, go to the Egyptian rooms at the Vatican museum. One of the world’s biggest collections of Egyptian stuff and it’s empty of people.
    I once went tango dancing at a small garden (with live music, gorgeous) in the Olympic district. It was magical.
    Villa Borghese is pretty awesome. And, of course, just sit at a cafe and watch people go by.

  6. Lisa Wrixon

    Rent a Segway in Marbella for a great cruise of the beach strip – stop and go as you please and hit the old town…


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May Moodboard // The Choices We Make

photography by Matthias Heiderich | via coco kelley

Taking a look back through the past few moodboards from this year, I realized that really…  as quickly as it feels like it’s all going by, each month has also been so FULL – and for many wonderful reasons. Last month, I let those reasons overwhelm me a bit, but now, here we are on the cusp of […]

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  1. Jessie

    That is an incredible article. It puts into words a lot of feelings I have about work. My dad’s blue collar, mom’s a teacher, both very hardworking, but they work to live. They take modest vacations, have hobbies, work on the house on weekends, etc. I adopted the work ethic, but it translates differently in my salaried construction management job. There’s no “overtime”, people work 10-12 hours a day plus email on their phones. It’s one of those unwritten expectations, if you were to work 8 hours-even if you’re getting all your work done-co-workerswill look at you differently. Technology is a blessing and a curse – clients expect faster and faster turnarounds, even though things still got accomplished in the days of faxes and snail mail. I dream of running off to a farm in rural Scotland and escaping from it all. But the allure of…prestige? or maybe a false sense of financial security, keeps me hustling on my career path. There are days when I love my job so much I must be dreaming, and then times where I envy my friends who work a normal 9-5 and have time to do things like run errands and start families (! – whole ‘nother discussion-as the female breadwinner, still trying to figure this out). This is the first time I’ve seen a piece of writing framing things this way, less all-or-nothing and instead embracing the gray areas. That the previous generation wasn’t “wrong”, just different, and we’re still figuring out what that means.

    Thank you so much for sharing your own thoughts, and being honest and transparent!

  2. Cathy

    Thank you! This article was exactly what I needed today. All your thoughts resonated with me. I too need to remember to take pleasure in things, especially when I’m busy and working way too much, but also when things are slow and I’m feeling antsy. And keep perspective…always perspective. Thanks for this great post!

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coco kelley weekend loves and links 5.20

Happy Friday, friends!! May has been whizzing by for me as we’ve been busy behind the scenes on so many things. I’m counting down to the day we launch the new site design, so if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, you might want to now – you’ll be the first to get a […]

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It’s funny to see how tastes and styles evolve, isn’t it? When I first started this blog it was very much based in Hollywood Glam – which made sense for 2007. Now that we’re approaching our 9 year anniversary (!!!) my how the pendulum has swung! Some of that, of course, is simply time. Right […]

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  1. Taste of France

    There’s a feature in French Elle that shows a classic piece of clothing–a jean jacket, for example–with photos from their archives over decades. It’s amazing how some things really hold up. The same with decor. I aim for something that isn’t going to scream 2016 in 5 or 10 or 15 years (the subway tile might do it….sigh). Better to have the trendiness be in the small details that change in and out, rather than the big things that in principle should last a lifetime.


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mother's day wood bud vase DIY from coco kelley

Remember when you used to bring home some crafty project to your mom for Mother’s Day? Chances are she still has a few of them stashed somewhere – and we also bet they’re still her favorite. So, why not take craft skills to the next level for Mother’s Day again this year with our geometric […]

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