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Layered textiles, loads of plantlife, and worn woods are the building blocks to bohemian style. But recently, I’ve noticed one more twist: The dark bohemian. Ok, so this corner might be a bit over-dramatic, but it’s the perfect example of what I’m talking about. Layers, and layers, and layers of textiles. Wall hangings. Plants. See? Quintessential bohemian, with a […]

5 responses on “GET THE LOOK :: DARK BOHEMIAN

  1. Heather P.

    I keep hearing that it gets dark and cloudy here in Seattle, so I can’t wait for that to happen so I can start to experiment with this kind of look more! I love how deep and cozy it all is!

    But alas, it’s bright, sunny, and HOT today. Nothing cozy about that. 😉

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indoor outdoor inspiration1

I think I mentioned in my loft inspiration post how much I really want the space to have this urban escape kind of vibe – a little bohemian, but more about feeling like you’ve just walked into a totally different space than you would expect in a brick loft in the city. Naturally, I’ve been […]


  1. Tammie Burton

    I love, love your Urban Oasis mood board. The table and chairs in the bottom picture are gorgeous. Simple yet serene. It almost says “Beachy Chic” to me. You could still mix in some green if you decided to go in this direction. Looking forward to pics of the finished loft! Have a beautiful week.

    1. Cassandra LaValle Post author

      Thanks Tammie! I’m leaning more towards the Urban Oasis board myself – I cannot wait to share the loft once it’s all ready! Giving myself lots of time to get it perfect this time around, and it feels good to really think through the design process!

  2. Dania Codling

    My favorite design style in the universe is the Tuscan style and color palette. Rusts, and beige’s and deep reds with earthy/pea greens. So even though your Urban Oasis has more of a tropical rather than Tuscan feel I still gravitate toward that peaceful and easy going yet fun and classy look that it brings.

    I also think that it plays along with the city mentality perfectly. The way that it is very modern with the neutral colors and small but bold accents. The whites and beige’s also open up the space alot more rather than a dark green making it look more enclosed. The urban oasis gives the loft a really professional, fresh look while adding, like you said, some foreign spice to it.

    The question comes down to this: would you rather have an all around eclectic look that’s bold and makes a HUGE statement, or would you rather go for a clean cut, put together look that still has the potential to be played up?

    You can always add more, but you can’t take away after it’s done 😉

  3. Jen K.

    Ahh I saw those green chevron chairs in the catalog and I fell in love with them!! Both boards are good and both seem like they would be relaxing.

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domino magazine black and brass bar

There’s such a mood change this time of year here in the Pacific Northwest. The mornings start off foggy and quite chilly, the streets are a bit more quiet – save for a few sunny weekends. But, maybe most noticeable in my world lately is a return to muted colors. Yesterday when we were shooting […]

20 responses on “BLACK WALLS + PINK BLOOMS

  1. Lauren Jade

    I did a post on this recently. I love love love the look of black walls, in editorials. I think in real life application it could be hard to pull off unless you had the luxury of space and ability to completely redecorate. I’m still working on the man for a black blue hue for our bedroom wall…he says it’ll be cave-like. We’ll see how wins 😉 great post!

  2. cozbijean

    love black walls! we painted our bathroom, walls+ceiling, a midnight charcoal and it’s amazing with all the typical washroom whites. of course, our entire house is whites and grays and blacks 🙂

  3. Ashe

    I’m such a sucker for a beautifully thought out, black interior. Blossoms just make it all the more dreamy. Definitely on my to-do list. ♥︎

  4. franki

    I’m there. Just did a mostly black/grey kitchen…and you know…it feels so right!! I use dishes (my downfall) to give color spots here there and EVERYWHERE! Yay! franki

  5. Alecia

    no joke I just wrote about this too! I always thought I was a white/cream/neutral kind of gal – but I am really digging darker accent walls these days. I really am toying with the idea of painting a black wall – hope I get enough guts to go through with it. we are totally on the same page with this.

  6. Diana

    I’ll admit I’m not one for dark spaces, but I completely agree the pink softens these dramatic spaces. I could do black walls and a peony colored couch 🙂

  7. setefb

    Magnifique les murs en noirs profond ,rien de mieux pour jouer avec les reliefs ,j’y penserais dans mes nouvelles déco !!


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house beautiful dining room in blues

I’ve been infatuated lately with the combination of cobalt and black – a color scheme we’ve been seeing on the runway for fall, but also one I’ve noticed popping up more in interiors too… There’s something fresh but calm about this pair, and I especially love this scheme as a modern look infused with worldly influences […]


  1. Eva

    The blues are giving an element of a modern contemporary theme. But the dresser, woven chair and mirrored box are so traditional and ethnic. A perfect blend!

  2. Lisa Dyson

    Where did the blue and white woven chair come from? When I click on it, I am forwarded to West Elm, but that is not their chair.


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lonny mag casual bench boho

I think my mind is ready for a vacation south of the border… or at least south of this rain. I’ve been obsessing over natural linens and layered textiles in soft palettes that recall warmer weather and seaside vacations. Still cozy enough for winter, but inviting the spring, the only colors here are shades of […]

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