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green walls and tabletops

As most of you have probably heard by now, Pantone has named emerald green Color of the Year for 2013! Which must mean it’s going to be a good year around here, considering it’s our signature color. Coincidentally, I had already been planning a tabletop post (for tomorrow!) all in shades of green and white… […]


  1. Naomi (Design Manifest)

    Ooo that screened in porch is delicious. I love the idea of white half way up the wall and green above. With a rich color like that it helps tame it a bit.
    I’ve never done a green wall, but its nice to know they stand behind their colors. Makes it much safer to go bold.

  2. Squeak

    I love green, but not this shade. I’ll be glad when Pantone discovers subtler shades and makes one of them its “Colour of the Year”.

  3. Ali Henrie

    When I heard the color was emerald green, I immediately thought of you and your site. It’s such a pretty color and and I can’t wait to see more of it in fashion. I also loved your feature on the glitter guide. Great party tips, and I loved how the decor was so simple, yet perfect.

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Last weekend when I was dress hunting, I couldn’t help but notice that the pastel trend has sort of come and gone… sort of. There are a few shades that have remained strong, and I hope they’ll continue into fall (I’m looking at you, baby blue and mint green!), but for now… this editorial has […]

12 responses on “PERKY PASTELS

  1. Erin

    Did you find that pastels and neons were kind of competing this summer? There was so much neon things and I personally like it better than pastels but the mint green is so dremy. I hope it carries into fall too! If you have a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!

  2. Squeak

    When I was young, colours like rust, amethyst, cocoa, slate and olive were considered autumn shades and pastels were considered spring shades. While I generally try to “think young”, I kind of like having fall colours in the fall and spring colours in the spring.

  3. ImportKt

    Thanks for the breezy pixx! I’m packing for a lil’ getaway and these were great inspiration for what I wanna grab last minute before I leave! I also like your idea of passing pastels on to Autumn– the lemons, pale pinks and baby blue add nice accents to rich Fall colors! =) Great editorial

  4. Katie

    You’ve redone the design of you blog! I love it!! These pastels are very pretty. Usually I’m more of a “brights” person, but if I could pull together an outfit like the first one…


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It started with just a little dose. Richly colored peonies. A throw blanket…. Then it grew into accent pieces. Preferably with a touch of brass hardware, just to make things extra glamorous. But before I knew it, I was having a full on love affair. With fuschia. I mean, seriously? How could you not want […]

16 responses on “COLOR ME :: FUSCHIA

  1. P.S. I love this...

    I have a library in my house and the built-ins are currently painted a glossy black but that fushia bookshelves are calling me.. what color paint would you suggest?

    Thank you

  2. Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home

    if only you could bottle up the actual color of a fuschia purple orchid youd be RICH…. such an AMAZING color.

  3. Sewcreate

    I have a great color I can send you from Mary Kay called simply Fuchsia. We have had it for years and it is a true Fuchsia color. My address is mnikoo@bellsouth if you are interested. BTW love your blog and all the wonderful things you are doing. Rue was awesome this month too. Bon journée!!

  4. Kristine Christianson

    I had the same progression. At first I was loving just a pop here and there and then I needed just a little more. And then more. And then I found that I couldn’t get enough fuchsia – I’m an addict!


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A couple of months ago, I noticed a trend in the resurgence of rich chocolate browns across runways and even in the pages of a few magazines. When I finally made the declaration that chocolate brown was back, however, a few of you cringed at the thought of this color (who wore out its welcome […]

28 responses on “BROWN IS BACK.

  1. Liivi Hess

    Hm, yes I know what you mean about the baby blue thing! And same goes for pink as well, I think that was the trend to match with choc. brown previous to baby blue.

    I think it could definitely look modern with perhaps a punchy pistachio green and a rust?

    I like the gold with it as well! Or even better, mixed metals.

    Cheers for the thought-provoking post! Liivi

  2. null

    I love it! My favorite rooms have always been dark and glossy. I had a chocolate brown bathroom years back, and currently have a super dark and glossy teal bedroom. I still love chocolate (agree keep it away from baby blue and pink) and am dying for a chocolate velvet couch for my living room. great post!

  3. Jen @ classiccozychic

    I think brown, just like beige can read as boring if you don’t use your accessories wisely. I love the brown room with the gold accents- fabulous! Though in general I agree that the use of brown in rooms should stick to wood tones, the high gloss walls work for that space. Translated to fasion, I think if you play it as a warm neutral and pair it with either bold color or metallics, maybe a touch of leopard for fall- you really can’t go wrong. Thanks for the great post!

  4. CDS

    Brown is the most amazing neutral. It is the granddaddy of them all…the best thing about brown is that you can punch it up with nearly any color and it looks simple, elegant and stylish. My favorite…brown with orange. xoxo

  5. Simple Dwellings

    Yes, I love a deep brown color on walls, paired with gold accents and other neautrals! In fact, our living room is “Mink” by ben moore and I love it!

  6. VICKY

    What a great combination!Love the room!because of these posts..from now and forever..Love the Brown!thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Neda

    I think you can’t go wrong with a beautiful, soft brown leather jacket! I especially love the ones that almost have a rust hue. Even more versatile than a black leather jacket… 🙂

  8. Lauren@BaylorSays...

    I’d forgotten about chocolate brown/baby blue/pale pink combos…hated them. Good point!! Agree with Liivi on the green, awesome. It’s really quite a neutral, no? Never thought I was a brown girl at all and then painted our den deep chocolate years ago and it really made every other color dance.

    Great post!

  9. Lauren Christine

    omg yummy! my fav thing to do, mix brown and black! so0o0 wonderful, love lvoe this post!
    p.s. if you would like to speak to someone as a reference, I know Heather and Alyssa upstairs. Thanks!

  10. Autumn Van Weir

    bring it on! I have chestnut hair and just so happen to look good in chocolate brown! Though my husband is not a fan of the bronw walls. Attempted that a few years back lol

  11. Marissa

    I’m a convert to brown! I used to hate it, but can’t get enough of it in the past year. It has so much more depth and richness than black in my opinion.

  12. Jolie Goodnight

    Any of color, independent of other colors, is deserving of attention! It’s worn out color combinations that are the issue I suppose. However, I doubt that I would refrain from wearing blue and brown together simply because people grew tired of it. Great style is independent of opinions

  13. null

    I love brown- trying desperately to find a chocolate brown tall boot with wedge heel. Not a fan of a brown with red undertones but that is just me…

  14. Vintage Market Place

    how I love brown but….I can’t stand dark brown paint on walls. It looks so cheap and thick to me.
    Brown in a house should be natural, wood, wool,leather.
    So I will stick to natural browns to love this fall. 🙂

  15. Renée Finberg

    i love the darkest browns.
    i did a home that was all chocolates,black, cream with touches of

    it was warm,
    and oh so rich.

    xx happy holidays to all of you

  16. Andi

    My great room and most of the downstairs has been this chocolate color for more than two years. I wanted it to make our cathedral ceilinged rooms feel cozier. But I’m ready for a lighter color. Maybe a light greige?

  17. La Feem

    How could anyone cringe, its such a fabulous color! I’ve always worn it since I was a teen, something gorgeous


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Tonight at Neiman Marcus I’ll be helping to present some of the fall’s biggest trends with a mini fashion show featuring some of my favorite picks from the store. I’m so excited to be doing some fun things in the fashion arena, as you all know my work usually leans towards interiors. But I’m even […]

16 responses on “A BOLD (NEW) BOURDEAUX

  1. Diary of Style

    I absolutely love that you incorporate fashion and decor together. Super creative and I love this post! Also loving this color for fall!

  2. Jamie

    The outfit on the bottom left is to die for! Almost makes me wish it was fall right now…. almost. 😉
    Good luck tonight!

  3. B. in the Know

    Beautiful! I have a strong feeling this may be my favorite color this fall. I keep seeing it pop up in fall lookbooks and previews and I love it a little bit more each time. It has such a richness to it – I am in love.
    Much love,

  4. Luciane at

    Burgundy is my least favorite color, especially on the walls. I think it makes everything look a bit old, outdated. Sorry…

    But I’m ready for some fall colors. 🙂


    Luciane at


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