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Mini Home Updates :: Creating A Chic Family Photo Gallery Wall

This post was created in partnership with Framebridge.

We all grew up with them. The family photo gallery wall that lined hallways and stairwells. Your parents probably swapped out or simply added to your annual school photo every year, and you and your friends would giggle over the dated images from your parents wedding. Every home needs to have one!

When I first moved in with my now husband (then boyfriend) nearly three years ago, he had a family photo wall up in the dining room that I took down when we totally redid the space. I promised him we'd put it back up.... eventually. Well guess what? It's time!

a peek at our mini hallway makeover | coco kelley

I've always been a believer that family walls should be in a more secondary area of the home, and on our main floor there's really only one spot that makes sense - this teeeeeeeny tiny hallway. Remember how I said we'd be doing lots of mini home updates this fall? Well, this hall is definitely one of them!

These small spaces are always a bit of an afterthought. This rug was one we already had and I threw it down in an attempt to cover this cold air return vent that's a total eyesore.

how to decorate creatively with trouble areas in the house | coco kelley

The lighting has always been there and could use something new and shiny, along with the hardware on the cabinet. As for the artwork, while they are pieces I love, I can definitely find a better spot for them elsewhere.

a peek at our mini hallway makeover | coco kelley

So, here's a peek at the full plan!

our mini hallway makeover plan | coco kelley

1. brass flush mount light | 2. black and white rug | 3. framed family photos from framebridge | 4. brass restroom sign | 5. bronze hardware| 6. brass floating shelf

Since the family gallery wall is the main element - I thought we'd start there. Especially since we just got back our wedding photos! So we partnered up with Framebridge to start building our collection because they make it extra extra easy.

laying out a family photo wall with framebridge | coco kelley

While I had no doubt that the frames themselves would be great quality, I was skeptical of their printing capabilities. When was the last time you had a photo printed? And how good did it actually turn out? But the second I unwrapped the package I was totally impressed.

design a modern family photo wall with framebridge | coco kelley

My favorite feature of the ordering process is that they won't let you order any size that is going to distort the image. For example, the one of us at the beach was something I took on my iPhone a couple years ago, and that was the largest size Framebridge would allow me to print it at. I love that! And the frame quality is pretty great too.

printing and framing our wedding photos with framebridge | coco kelley

Once I had all my framed pieces in hand, I laid them out together until I had the exact layout I wanted for the wall. And I selected one special photo to hang on its own in this spot...

a peek at our mini hallway makeover | coco kelley

design a modern family photo wall with framebridge | coco kelley

I love the way that the wall turned out with the mix of black, white and gold frames that I selected, and I can't wait to add many more photos from ceiling to floor over the years! I'm also seriously considering doing more of a picture rail moment so I can layer them up a bit more. But for now, this is the perfect start.  What's even better is we chose two photos from our wedding to send to our parents as gifts too!

design a modern family photo wall with framebridge | coco kelley

Next up, a new rug, light fixture and hardware. I'm going to do this all at the same time that we do some updates to the adjacent bathroom, which I'll post our plan for soon. Any other ideas for this small space?

design a modern family photo wall with framebridge | coco kelley

If you're interested in trying out Framebridge for your own walls, use promo code 'cocokelley15' at Framebridge.com to get 15% off your first order! This offer is valid through the end of the year, so if you're thinking about holiday gifts at all... better bookmark this post!

Stay tuned to see the rest of the updates we do to the hall and into the powder room too. It's all going to look so chic (and much less neglected!) when it's all done.


This post was created in partnership with Framebridge. All opinions and reviews are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support coco kelley!