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Cocktail Recipe :: Summer Strawberry Gin Spritz

Summer berries are one of my most favorite things. I throw them in everything this time of year: salads, desserts, and – above call – cocktails. I’ve been wanting to make something with strawberries for a while, and finally got around to testing out a recipe that actually uses a little strawberry liqueur (more on that below). Meet the Summer Strawberry Gin Spritz summer strawberry gin spritz | recipe on coco kelley Oh how I love a little fizz in my cocktails! Seems especially essential in the summer when you’re going for something super refreshing. summer strawberry gin spritz | recipe on coco kelley Summer Strawberry Gin Spritz // serves two
  • 4 oz gin
  • 2 oz wild strawberry liqueur
  • fresh strawberries
  • lemon juice
  • dry Prosecco
  • black pepper rim (only for scent!)
summer strawberry gin spritz | recipe on coco kelley Per usual, I try and keep our cocktail recipes as simple as possible. I know that not many of us have the time or foresight to always prepare items a day before, but if you are one of those people, and you can… I suggest creating your own strawberry shrub for this recipe vs. using a strawberry liqueur. The flavor will be a bit more tart and fresh! Of course, if you’re like me… you’re running to the liquor store the day of the party (or recipe shoot, ahem), and grabbing what you can. I’m also of the mindset that the more booze the merrier (literally), so I thought I would give the liqueur a try. summer strawberry gin spritz | recipe on coco kelley As for making this cocktail, well, as promised, it’s quite simple! Muddle some fresh strawberries at the bottom of the shaker, then pour in the gin, strawberry liqueur (or shrub if you’ve got it!), and a tiny squeeze of fresh lemon. Shake and strain into a coupe. Top with prosecco and a thyme garnish! summer strawberry gin spritz | recipe on coco kelley If you’re into experimenting with flavor a bit, remember when I did this cocktail post, talking about how pepper brings out the flavor in gin a bit? For this recipe, you can put a tiny bit of it on the rim of the coupe (before pouring, obviously!) by swiping the lemon around the rim, and then dipping it in black pepper. Only pepper half the rim, and let your guests know that it’s not for tasting, but actually just for smelling! As they take a sip of their cocktail, they should also take in the scent to enhance the flavor of the gin and everything else going on in the glass. Pretty interesting, huh?