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House Tour :: Malene Birger’s Artful Home In London

I have always been a huge fan of Malene Birger's homes. While known for her role in the fashion and accessories world, her foray into art and interiors started when she established Birger1962 - her own creative firm that's been such an inspiration to me. Her artful home in London is what we'll be taking a peek at today with a house tour that combines the influence of African culture with Malene's own Scandinavian roots, her love of art and sculpture, mid-century furniture, and a beautifully classic European flat.

malene birger london living room | house tour on coco kelley

On her site, Malene describes her look as 'Maximalism under control', which I think nails it when it comes to this living room. The crowded moments are offset by areas like this where simple sculptures are highlighted in front of her large windows.

a collection of sculptures in the home of malene birger | house tour on coco kelley

malene birger eclectic in black and white living room | house tour on coco kelley

Turn around, however, and you've got layers and layers of art, sculpture, textiles, lighting, and books to visually sort through. Can we talk about those stunning lamps? There's another one in the kitchen and I'm downright obsessed with the visual interest those glass shades add to them.

mid-century lamps with woven shades, art and modern vigenette | house tour on coco kelley

Where this house really excels is its console vignettes. Art + books + sculptures + collections + amazing lamps = best console vignettes ever. Especially the lamps. Basically I want all the lighting in this gorgeous home!

an artful moment in the living room | house tour on coco kelley

an eating nook in this small kitchen | house tour on coco kelley

The tiny kitchen is maximized with shelving, a small table, funky mid-century chairs and even a Moroccan rug!

small kitchen eating area vignette | house tour on coco kelley

I love all the delft blue mixed in here for a bit of color and heritage!

perfectly layered textiles in the bedroom | malene birger house tour coco kelley

In the bedroom, the same rules are applied as the rest of the house. Layers of textiles and art in black and white cover the bed, but I love how Malene always adds a bit of wood and a touch of brown to keep things warm in the rooms.

layered textiles in this artful bedroom | malene birger house tour coco kelley

Again, lamps. Hello! In every room you can see Malene's artwork mixed in with other black and white paintings and pieces. I imagine that makes it easy and fun to rearrange the walls from time to time!

textiles and art in the bedroom | black and white house tour coco kelley

And finally - my favorite room - the office!

malene birger house tour | coco kelley-1

Dream room! I love how Malene used the bookshelves to divide the space up a bit, with another desk on the opposite side. The space feels built for creativity.

malene birger in her office | coco kelly house tour

Ok, for reals these are my favorite lamps in the entire space. You can tell she's had custom shades made for most of the lighting - it makes such a huge difference! Have you also noticed her penchant for tassels everywhere? They're not obnoxious - just perfectly placed on door handles, hooks, and lamps.

sculptural lines in this corner office nook | an artful black and white home tour on coco kelley

a creative office space in black and white | house tour on coco kelley

textiles, and a console vignette | malene birger house tour on coco kelley

With so many details in this home, there are tons of ideas and pieces of inspiration to learn from! Which would you apply to your own house? I'm thinking I need a pair of vintage lamps to splurge on (obviously) but one thing I'm definitely lacking from her mix is sculptures, so I might start there! Here's how we'd get the look:

get the look :: an artful home in black and white 1. antique jade lamps | 2. marble sculpture | 3. classic european style chair | 4. vintage moroccan beni ourain cushions | 5. brutalist style media console | 6. 'hovering union' art | 7. leather campaign stool

While obtaining this level of style takes much more of a budget than most of us have, what's great is that the neutral palette makes it more achievable than you may think! The key is in the mixing of materials - wood, leather, marble, chrome and linen - and styles - mainly European and mid-century modern with a touch of Moroccan. Whether you're doing this on the high or low end, finding pieces that have thoughtful detail and character are essential! For example - try out these lamps from World Market as an alternate to the jade lamps above!

If you're loving Malene's style as much as I do, check out this house tour in Majorca for her relaxed tropical style as well!