The Edit | April

Maybe it's all that California sunshine going straight to my head after this past weekend in LA, but this month's shopping picks on The Edit are definitely picking up on a happy spring vibe...

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Yellow is a color that I've come to embrace more lately. Paired with a classic blue it feels so fresh and welcoming! I like it best in playful accents like that yellow chair patterned with elephants!

shop our editor's picks with the april edit on coco kelley

1 palm pot print | 2. juliet white pendant | 3. yellow raffia coasters | 4. blue & white napkins and woven runner | 5. blue earthenware vase | 6. anthropologie elephant chair | 7. blue acrylic side table | 8. light gray cactus silk style rug

My editor's picks don't always come together as coordinated as these, but in this month's case, I would absolutely stick all of these in a room together! My favorite find is the blue acrylic side table from Urban Outfitters. It's such a steal for the style! Also, I've been using that vase from Target for styling and everyone's surprised when they find out where it's from. It's super heavy and high quality!