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Three Reasons We Still Love Moroccan Rugs & Enter To Win Your Own!

There are some who say the Moroccan rug's time has faded away. To them I say - nope. Never. Why? Well, let's discuss.

When these rugs first made a 'comeback' it was to mainstream design. Before that, however, designers had been using them for quite a while. For a few very good reasons....

modern home with classic accents and moroccan rug | via coco kelley

Reason #1: The Style Bridge. The Moroccan rug spans all genres. In fact, I would call it a 'bridge' piece in that you can literally insert it into pretty much any style room and have it work. It can be flanked by classic columns and plaid estate chairs like above, or used more predictably alongside mid-century pieces like below. Remember this house tour? A perfect example of using Moroccan rugs - unexpectedly - throughout a  home.

a modern eclectic living room with large art and moroccan rug | via coco kelley

textural living room by celerie kemble with layered moroccan rugs | via coco kelley

Reason #2: Time & Texture. Whether you're layering it on heavily or living more minimally, the Moroccan rug provides a visual texture to rooms that just can't be beat. Typical shag rugs don't allow for the same kind of subtle (or not so subtle) pattern that these vintage beauties do, and sheepskin doesn't exactly hold up over time. Authentic Moroccan rugs have been built to last for decades - invest in the real deal.

neutral dining room with light oak, moroccan rug and tree | via coco kelley

simple white stair landing with moroccan rug and art wall | via coco kelley

Reason #3: Scale. While this may seem like a disadvantage to some, I love the funky scale and sizing of these rugs. Whenever I have a client whose room requires less traditional dimensions for a rug, I start by looking at vintage pieces like these. You can scale up or down, and they're perfect for  layering because of this as well!

modern masculine interior with vintage black leather and large moroccan rug | via coco kelley

Ok, so no more stalling, let's talk about how you can WIN one of these beautiful authentic rugs for yourself!

win a moroccan rug with Pink Rug Co & Coco Kelley!

One of my very favorite Etsy shops - Pink Rug Co - is giving you $500 to spend on any one rug in her shop! You could really splurge and use the $500 towards one of the larger rugs to help offset the cost of  one you've had your eye on (this one is my favorite) or find one under $500 that would be totally 100% all yours, like the one above whose colors I love.

To enter, simply do the following:

That's it! Leave us a comment to let us know that you've entered! We'll draw the winner later next week, so stay tuned and cross your fingers.