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This ‘n That :: Hand Towels + Hardware

Everyone knows that powder rooms are the most fun places to go bold with your decor - wallpaper, tiles, you name it. But don't neglect those finishing touches too!

Towel hardware comes in so many shapes, sizes, and finishes that it's easy to fall prey to boring and routine bath accessories. However, this is a great place to add character and interest. Whether it's your main bath or hall, trading out your basic bath towels and towel rings for something with personality can go a long way in adding a little fun.

black and white wallpapered bathroom by alexandra loew | via coco kelley

Suddenly feeling bored with your current hand towel vignette? We thought so. Take a peek at some of our favorite fresh pairings...

towel ring + hand towel pairings for the bathroom | via coco kelley

1 porcelain towel ring + 2 chevron style hand towel  | 3 satie towel ring  + 4 floral print towel | 5 capri gold towel ring + 6 white scalloped edge hand towels   | 7 lucite towel ring + 8 taupe cotton hand towel

I'm particularly drawn to the brass + floral option above. The hardware feels chic yet modern... can't you just envision this pairing in a glam powder room with some fresh wallpaper? If you're going simple, try contrasting styles like that modern structured holder with a classic european scallop.

a classic bathroom with modern fixtures | via coco kelley
hand towel & towel ring pairings - modern neutrals | via coco kelley

brass circlet towel ring  + 2 polka dot hand towel | 3 black minimal towel ring  + 4 blue stripe hand towel | 5 classic brass towel ring + 6 royal striped hand towels  | 7 luna bronze towel ring + 8 honeycomb hand towel

The chic + hotel pairing is seriously calling my name. I might actually have to buy those two for my bathroom renovation. And those neutral patterns are among some of my favorite - how fun are those polka dots!? Touches like this can add so much personality to the most simple of spaces.

a modern boho bath set up with fun towels and fixtures | via coco kelley

hand towel and towel ring pairings - boho eclectic | via coco kelley

copper triangle towel holder  + 2 tie die breeze hand towel  | 3 brass lilia towel ring + 4 turkish hand towel  | 5  hexagon towel ring + 6 gray striped hand towel  | 7 brass and wood skinny towel hanger  + 8 multicolored hand towel

Feeling a little boho? Fringe is a sure way to bring that casual feel into a space. Turkish towels seem to be a trend that's not going away anytime soon! Try pairing it with something  modern or ornate rather than the basics for a true twist.

No matter your favorite pairing, be sure to install the hardware in the proper place. My pet peeve is seeing a hand towel that is out of reach or is mounted too high, too low, or is simply inaccessible. Definitely take functionality into consideration and make sure it's installed in an easy-to-reach and convenient position. Favorites from the post? Let's hear them!!