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Style Source :: Studio Formata Marbleized Trays

While some may argue that marble pattern is a trend, I would beg to differ. To me, it's a classic art, rooted in age-old traditions, so I'm always drawn to it.  Especially when I see it modernized, as is the case with these colorful marbleized trays from Studio Formata!

studio formata marbleized trays featured at tictail in NYC | photo by @lagracieuse via coco kelley

featured at the tictail store in NYC

studio formata's beautiful marbleized trays | style source on coco kelley

The color combinations are bold and fresh, and the fact that they're created on birch - NOT plastic - makes them food safe as well.

The designer, Clara Bergman, states, "It all started with a desire to let ideas and visions of design materialise in a meeting with classical techniques and craft traditions. To create objects of the highest quality with a unique design and let tradition meet innovation in a playful interaction."

I say she nailed it.

marbleized trays by studio formata | style source on coco kelley

It's hard to pick a favorite, isn't it? I keep looking at the site, ready to place an order, then second guessing. The good news is that they are fairly reasonably priced, so getting two or three isn't out of the realm of possibility - depending on your budget.

studio formata marbliezed trays at fleux paris | via coco kelley

I love how they mix with traditional elements so easily - perhaps because of their time honored pattern? Which one would you choose? If you're in the US, you can purchase them through the Tictail website right here.