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Room Of The Week 8.25

In our kitchen remodel, we've been getting down to the nitty gritty, and a lot of those final details have to do with the breakfast nook. I am still (STILL) deciding on lighting in there. I think I might go one way, and then I see something - like this Room of the Week - that sets me off in a whole other direction and I can't make up my mind! But if you saw these pendants, wouldn't you immediately want them too!?

lofty white dining room with library table and oversized African beaded pendants | room of the week on coco kelley

two oversized pendants top this large white tone on tone dining room | room of the week on coco kelley

This space isย soย making the case for how white on white can work in a home without feeling sterile. The touches of wood certainly help, but it's all about those beautiful, natural textures for me. And now I can't help thinking how gorgeous a white beaded pendant or chandelier would look in our nook!

modern white kitchen | via coco kelley

Around the corner a modular kitchen keeps the all-white theme going - the stone floors and wood accents are saving it a little bit for me, but I wouldn't mind aย bitย more personality here. You?

all white with doses of wood in this modern kitchen | room of the week via coco kelley

handmade baskets and stool maek for simple wall art | via coco kelley

If we haven't learned by now - woven baskets make for some easy wall decor, and here they add a much needed hit of texture. But it's that gorgeous round dining table in the background that I'm really infatuated with! Simply said - the dining rooms in this house are winning for me in a major way.