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Room Of The Week 7.14

If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it - or so they say. So, while I sit and post about many a colorful, unique home... at the end of the day if it's neutral and cozy, I know I'm going to love it. Most of the time that means a lot of white, but in today's Room of the Week, that means darkย grey walls, the perfect dose of leather and wood, and a hit of industrial...

coffee table styling and mid century lighting in this cozy living room | via coco kelley

the perfect living room - cozy and curated with leather chairs and styled bookshelf and coffee table | via coco kelley

Did I mention, I'm also a sucker for a fern? My life goals involve campaign style sling chairs like these. I'm also pretty impressed with the highly styled libraryย in the back there. Whenever I question color coordinating my bookshelves, all I need to do is see a good one in action, and I'm back on the bandwagon.

I'm also really loving the quirky lighting going on here (although there seems to be a battle for attention going on between the big white lamps and that black arm lamp in this photo - not really sure about needing both of those!).ย But the chandelier has my full and undivided attention. I've ย been spying this vintage pendant in a few spaces lately and it's surprisingly versatile.

cozy living room library with grey walls leather chairs large bookshelf | via coco kelley

a cozy living room with midcentury touches, a full bookshelf and statement lighting | via coco kelley

And how about the desk/console situation going on against those windows? I kind of think this is genious and may need to incorporate the idea into my own living room. I've been wanting to put up a long bench for our plants, but I love the idea of having it also be a potential work spot! The desk is cleverly hiding the radiators too, while still leaving them open to the room.

a light filled workspace in the living room | via coco kelley

Back to the ferns for a hot second. If you scroll up back through the photos you'll see how essential they are to adding a bit of life to the space. This is a classic stylist trick, but it's also something to keep in mind for your own home. If a room is lacking in the 'cozy, lived-in' arena, think about adding some soft plants to the mix.